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I think Utah is the most beautiful state in America, not taking anything away from California, Arizona, Washington or any other beautiful state, I just love this area, It's diverse. Does your area compare? Have you been to more amazing places? If so, show me a picture of your area. Now you can add your images of scenery from your area.

Your images will always be copyrighted (©) to you. And as a matter of fact, uploading them to the internet will automatically copyright them for you. Google will note their existance in time, and credit will be permanently yours. You can remove your images or edit them at anytime. They will not be transfered to any other entity.

Your pictures will be displayed on various pages throughout the site to promote them. If you have a website, you can create links back to your site if you have a photography, hiking, biology or other related site, even if they are for-profit sites.

To Join Utah Pictures

To start, click the Join tab on the top right.

Create a Username and Password
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Open your email, look for an email entitled "Welcome to Utah Pictures!".

Open this email and click the link at the bottom that has "Activate Link" above it.
Clicking this link will bring you back to

http://www. /activate.php?uid=192&actcode=LbxaR7cKqqcmawRVv94k

Once the page has loaded, it should say "Activated".


To Add an Image

Go to the Log in page and enter your username and password.

After you are logged in, Click Add Page

Enter a title for your page, if you'd like to enter a route description or other info, you can enter it in the body.

Enter as much information as you would like.
Sometimes you might prefer to enter your images first, before filling out the rest. In that case, you can scroll down to the bottom and just click Save. You can edit the title and body later.

After clicking Save, you will be brought to the Upload Image page. Click "Browse...".

Locate an JPG image file on your computer. Click Open.

After clicking Open, then click Upload

Add an image title, and caption if you'd like.
(Without a title, an image won't appear throughout the site.)

To save your image title and caption edits, click Update

Click "Browse..." again to locate another file.

Continue this process until you have uploaded all of the images for that page. Add more pages for each place that you would like to share.

Edit your Pages

Edit your pages by going to "My Pages".

Then click on the page that you would like to edit.

On your page, click "Edit".

Change any text including the title and body of the page.
You can add a map location.
You can also embed a YouTube video to the page.

When you're finished editing, click Save.


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