Amasa Valley Basin

Millard County
3,000 foot sheer cliffs.
Notch Peak Summit : 9,725'

Views of Notch Peak from all around the base of the Sawtooth Mountain.
To get to Amasa Basin, drive west for about 50 miles down Highway 6-50 from Delta, Utah. Turn north or right at the 'U-Dig Fossils' or Death Canyon turn. Continue north until you reach Marjum Canyon Road, turn west or left. Follow this road until you see a large black mound on the right or north side of the road called Knells Knob. Turn left or southwest down North Canyon to Amasa Basin.

June 28, 2008

From the Long Ridge Reservoir Road (Road to Death Canyon and U-Dig Fossils)
Looking west toward the Sawtooth Mountains.
Notch Peak, The Cleave, Pyramid Peak, Little Notch, and Pine Peak Ridge.
The Pine Peak Route starts on the ridge on the right and traverses the skyline,
until reaching the highpoint on the left.

Long Ridge Reservoir, looking rather dry.

A tile quarry along North Canyon.

Little wind caves and tunnels in the granite.

Wind weathered granite found around Amasa Valley

An oasis in the middle of pure desolation.

Prickly Pear Cactus Rose

Ancient Granite

An aspen tree growing around a dead aspen tree.

Nearing the southern end of Amasa Valley.
Pine Peak is the highpoint in this picture. It's really a ridge.

Young Bristlecone Pine Needles.

From near Pine Peak at the top of Amasa Valley,
looking south down the Pine Peak Route to Notch Peak.
Notice the white limestone rock layer separating the capstone on it's summit.

Looking north into Amasa Valley and the barren wasteland known as Tule Valley.

Indian Paintbrush.
There were many wildflowers in this mini-alpine area.

Aspen Grove.

A common scene in Amasa Valley;
Wind weathered ancient granite finger spires.

Notch Peak Map

Thanks to Heid, Lorin, and Trista


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