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American Fork Twin Peaks

Snowbird Ski Resort
Little Cottonwood Canyon
Wasatch Mountains

A.F.Twin Peaks - 11,489'

The Highest peak in Salt Lake County, Third in the Wasatch.
From the summit one can see to both ends of the Wasatch, from Mount Ogden to the north, to Mount Nebo to the south.

There are two ways up American Fork Twin Peaks, the easiest is through Gad Valley, up to the Gad Valley II Chairlift, along the Red Top Ridge, and to the West Peak. The hard way is up to the Hidden Peak Tram, traverse the knife edge and then up to the East Peak, you can also hike down the dirt road parallel to the knife edge and then scramble up the talus.

We went up the Gad Valley Trail, missed the Gad Valley II trail, bushwhacked over to the Boulder Talus, (which by the way, is off-limits to hikers because it is filled with exploded and unexploded charges of dynamite) and then up the loose rock scree to the Red Top Peak Ridge.
We hiked down the knife edge, and continued in the dark down the talus below the Hidden Peak Tram. We found the Gad Valley trail back down but was confusing in the dark. Most of us got split up, but we finally converged at the parking lot.

It felt like a pretty epic event.

On the way down Little Cottonwood, we saw police, news, ambulances, and a double propeller helicopter scanning the granite walls near Perla's Ridge. We stopped for a while to see what was going on. They were looking for a group of young free climbers. An 18 year old male fell and died. The others screamed for help until they were heard.

In comparison our hike had been a non-event.

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Sunday, July 22, 2001

Hell Gate Cliffs

The Hell Gate Cliffs - a popular technical rock climbing area.
These rocks are made out of loose limestone.
The peak on the right is Flagstaff and is the tallest of the three
and is actually a continuation of the Reed and Benson Ridge.

Snowbird Ski Resort

The Gad Valley Trail with American Fork Twin Peaks (east and west)
directly ahead.

Snowbird Ski Resort

Looking north over Snowbird Ski Resort.
Monte Cristo, Mount Superior, Flagstaff Peak

American Fork Twin Peaks

Looking east from Red Top Peak
toward the west peak of American Fork Twin Peaks

Red Top Ridge

Looking north at Denyse and Jared to Cottonwood Ridge.
hiking up the ridge up to Red Top Peak

American Fork Twin Peaks

The west peak of AF Twin Peaks
Gigantic granite and super-heated quartzite stripes.

Box Elder Peak

Box Elder Peak, Red Baldy Peak and White Baldy Peak.

American Fork Twin Peaks

From the top of Red Top Peak looking east at the Twin Peaks.
Jared and Denyse going up American Fork Twin Peaks.

AF West Twin

Going up the west peak. My lungs were pounding.

Alpine Ridge

Looking west at The Alpine Ridge. The Salt Lake Valley is below.

Pfeifferhorn Lone Peak

Pfeifferhorn and Lone Peak


The Pfeifferhorn and the Horneypfeiff

Uinta Mountains

Looking northeast toward the back side of Devils Castle
with The Uinta Mountains in the far distance.

Mineral Basin

Looking northeast from the west peak:
Mineral Basin - the new ski area in Snowbird Ski Resort.
Sugarloaf, Devils Castle.

Hidden Peak Tram

Hidden Peak Tram from the top of the West Peak

AF Twin Peak summit

Jared, Denyse, Shane and Micah on top of American Fork Twin Peaks (west peak)


Noisy pika

American Fork Twin Peaks

Denyse and Jared hiking the saddle between the two twins.

Hidden Peak Tram

From the east twin looking down the knife edge toward the Hidden Peak Tram

Hiking down the talus, It wasn't that bad actually.
I tried the knife edge and I would recomend it over the road below,
But don't take my word for it, you could get badly injured (if you're careless).

Red Baldy

Red Baldy from Red Top Peak,
on the right is White Baldy and on the left is Mount Timpanogos.

White Baldy

White Baldy, White Pine Lake is barely visible below.

Wasatch Ridges

Looking north through the saddle between Mount Superior and Flagstaff Peak.

Superior Peak

Monte Cristo and Mount Superior,
Gobblers Knob is visible on the ridge behind.

Cottonwood Ridge

Cottonwood Ridge, on the other side is Lake Blanche.

Mount Timpanogos

Looking directly south from the East Peak toward
Mount Timpanogos, Unknown and Box Elder.


Mount Timpanogos with Silver Lake below

Broads Fork Twin Peaks

Coming down the rock talus looking west
toward Broads Fork Twin Peaks

Broads Fork Twin Peaks

Broads Fork Twin Peaks and Sunrise Peak
The Great Salt Lake and Stansbury Island are visible.

Cottonwood Ridge

The entire Cottonwood Ridge
Twin Peaks, Sunrise, Dromedary, Sundial, Monte Cristo and Mount Superior.

See views from other peaks:
American Fork Twin Peaks

Special Thanks to Jared, Denyse, Shane and Micah

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