American Fork Twin Peaks

Salt Lake City, Utah
Wasatch Mountains
American Fork West Twin: 11,489'

We started from the Snowbird Ski Resort. We went up the tram to Hidden Peak, from there we hiked up the knife edge, which was a little sketchy in places, to the east peak of American Fork Twin Peaks. We saw and elderly lady coming down the steep trail, and then saw two guys that were following us give up. From the top of the east peak we continued to the west peak, then down the west ridge to Red Top Peak (A.K.A. Red Stack). This ridge is full of many contrasting colors and textures. A very beautiful walk.

We followed the ridge south toward Red Baldy, which was easy until it started climbing up again, which required more exposed knife edge walking. There is a substantial sub-peak or ridge bump on the way up to Red Baldy, from there you can either traverse the wall across the southeast, or you can climb the ridge. We chose the traverse. The traverse looks easy but it was actually pretty dangerous and strenuous. We had planned on going to White Baldy and then to decend into Red Pine, but the light was fading and I didn't need an epic adventure, so we went down White Pine, which was about 5 miles from the ridge to the trailhead. We parked one car at snowbird, and one at the White Pine Trailhead (which is the same trailhead as Red Pine).

Sunday, September 28, 2003

Riding the Snowbird tram. I thought it would be an easy ridge hike,
but with the added distance with Red Baldy and the White Pine trail,
It seemed even harder.

A telephoto of Devils Castle, in the far distance is Explorer Peak in the Uintas.
For some telephoto views of the Uintas: Uinta Mountain Zoom Shots

From near the top of Hidden Peak
looking south toward the knife edge ridge to American Fork East Twin.
Some people walk to the end of the trail and then scramble up the talus,
We have a name for those people: "Tired"

American Fork Twin Peaks from along the knife edge.
I love the distinct colors and textures of the rocks on this hike.

From the summit of American Fork East Twin looking south at the unnamed peak
that should be called "American Fork Triplet South Peak".
Behind is the Alpine Loop Area in American Fork Canyon.
Mount Timpanogos in the middle, and Cascade and Provo Peak behind.

Looking west toward American Fork West Twin, which is the higher of the two.
Stansbury island is visible is the middle in the far distance.
The tram driver misidentified it as Antelope Island.
On the right is Cottonwood Ridge with Broads Fork Twin Peaks at it's head.

From the summit of American Fork West Peak looking east toward A.F East Peak.
Mineral Basin is below, in the far distance sit the Uinta Mountains.

Below is Silver Lake Flat Reservoir in American Fork Canyon
Behind is Provo Peak, Cascade Moutain, Mount Timpanogos and Mount Nebo in the far distance.

A telephoto of Broads Fork Twin Peaks.
The west peak is one of the most prominent peaks on the Salt Lake skyline.
Visible from anywhere in the Salt Lake Valley, it's the big one south of Olympus.

Monte Cristo. Mount Raymond is visible on the left.
Behind is the Grandeur ridge with Mount Aire in the middle.
The Francis Peak radar station is visible in the center.
Behind is Willard Peak 9,764' Ben Lomond 9,712 and Chilly Peak 8,600'.

Twin Peaks at the head of Cottonwood Ridge.
Looking west down Little Cottonwood Canyon over the Salt Lake Valley
to the Oquirrh Mountains and Stansbury Island.

The entire Cottonwood Ridge.
Broads Fork Twin Peaks, Sunrise Peak, Dromedary,
3 unnameds, Monte Cristo, and Superior Peak.
The Hellgate Cliffs are visible as the white bands on the far right.
Snowbird is visible in the bottom right by the road.

From near the top of A.F. West Twin looking west.
Peaks: Timpanogos, Mount Nebo (Far distance) Box Elder Peak. Red Baldy (semi-foreground)
White Baldy, Red Top (foreground center) The Pfeifferhorn, Lone Peak, Thunder Mountain, and Perlas Ridge.

Zooming south to three unnameds and Provo Peak.

Climbing up Red Top Peak looking south over the American Fork Twin Peaks.

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For a list of the highest peak elevations:
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