Antelope Island
Frary Peak 6,597'

There are 10 islands in the Great Salt Lake, Antelope is the largest.

On I-15 northbound - take Exit 335 to Syracuse/Freeport.
Continue on this road all the way to the 7.5 mile Causeway and into Antelope Island State Park. Dogs are allowed.

It costs $7.00 per car. You have to be out of the park by 9:00 p.m. We got down from Frary Peak - 6,597' at about 9:45 p.m. and got locked in. Luckily, the ranger came and let us go without fining us.

The Frary Peak trail is a 6.5 mile grueler.
It was hot the entire way, bring lots of water.

Sunday, June 17, 2001

From the hike down from Frary Peak.

The Antelope Island Marina, at the entrance to Antelope Island State Park.

One of many lizards seen along the hike.

Jared approaching the first meadow.

An ancient limestone ridge at the top of the meadow.

Looking north toward Ruojia and the Ogden Mountains.

Looking down (southwest) at the desolate valley below.

Near the end of the trail, you will see this structure,
and you'll believe that it will be the top.
(I think it's a weather monitoring device)

But sadly, the hardest part is yet to come.
You can either scramble along the tops of the white limestone ridge,
which is pretty difficult and requires some climbing skill,
or you can go down the trail,
which forces you to hike back up a steep burner.
The trail is much safer, and it might still be easier.

The actual summit peak - Frary Peak - 6,596' looking south.
Named after George Frary, a homesteader who lived on Antelope Island.
His wife, Alice is buried below, her gravestone shows 1897.
The peak might also be named after her.

From the summit looking southwest toward Stansbury Island.

Looking northwest from the summit.

Looking south down Antelope Island, toward the Kennecot Copper
Smelter / Refinery, and the Oquirrh Mountains.

A closer view of the smelter.

Willard Peak 9,764' Ben Lomond 9,712 and Chilly Peak 8,600'.

I wish I had a decent telescopic lens, here is the entire Wasatch Front,
Almost every peak is visible. From Gobblers Knob to Lone Peak.
At this distance, most of the distortion caused by perspective is eliminated.
It becomes Orthographic.

Looking northeast - Ruojia and Denyse going back.

Looking northwest - Ruojia and Denyse going back.

Boom - this is where you go for a sunset picture.
The only problem is that if you want to be there at the right time,
- you have to ask the ranger. They'll lock you in if you don't.

I wonder if it is as dramatic in the morning.

Bridger Bay and White Rock Bay Campgrounds.

I think this is Split Rock.

Antelope Island from outer space.
From here it kind of looks like a sea horse.
Bridger Bay would be its nose.

Special Thanks to Jared Denyse and Ruojia


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