Arches National Park

The fee was $10 per car. It was cold in the shade, but the sun kept us warm while we hiked. We hiked up to Landscape Arch and then up to Delicate Arch. There were too many good shots of Delicate Arch, so I made another page.
Landscape Arch was less than a mile on nearly flat ground. It was extremely easy. Delicate Arch however, wasn't as easy, as it is quite steep in places. Watching the sun set over Delicate Arch is well worth the hike.

January 1, 2007

The Organ, in the background you can see the Windows Area.

In the background are the Windows, with Turret Arch on the right side.
Can you find it?

Balanced Rock and Ham Rock.

Devil's Garden, home of The Fiery Furnace.

From the road near the Windows, if you have a good eye and look far north,
you can see Delicate Arch. Can you find it? This is a telephoto shot.

An even more zoomed up image of Delicate Arch
from the same angle as the picture above.

Landscape Arch, I wanted to walk under the Arch but they won't let you.
They think it's going to come crashing down on your head.

Hikers above Landscape Arch

Delicate Arch, the state symbol for Utah, and probably the most famous arch in the world.
For more pictures of Delicate Arch on the same day: Delicate Arch

Double your pleasure with Double Arch.

Double Arch, this is about a 3 minute walk.

This Raven had a few tricks up his wing to try to talk you out of your food.

Looking through Turret Arch toward the Windows.

The Windows

Looking east over Arches National Park toward the La Sal Mountain Range.

The La Sal Mountains, Mellenthin, Mount Peale (The tallest of the La Sals),
and Tukuhnikivatz (The second tallest, the hoodoo is pointing to it).

Thanks to Heid, Marina, and Zane.


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