Autumn Leaves - Big Cottonwood Canyon

Fall Colors
Changing Leaves

Wasatch Mountains
Big Cottonwood Canyon
Scott Hill
Peak 420
Mount Raymond
Gobblers Knob
Mill D Fork
Butler Fork
Mill A Basin
Salt Lake City, Utah

Big Cottonwood Canyon, much like many of the surrounding canyons, is an excellent lightshow of color every autumn. Aspen trees are usually the star of the show, with their many yellow, orange and red leaf variations. Maple leaves are also very dramatic, colorwise. When fall comes, and the leaves start to change, this is the place to take a drive, it only lasts for a few weeks, so don't procrastinate.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Looking east toward Wasatch Mountain State Park from Peak 420.
Autumn Leaves and Alpine Lakes.
Lake Brimhall near the Girlscouts' Headquarters.

Looking east toward Wasatch Mountain State Park.
More Fall colors as seen from Peak 420
The Lake in the middle is unnamed, the lake behind is Silver Lake.

From along Big Cottonwood Highway looking east toward the colorful aspen.

Kessler Peak
Mill D South Fork

Mount Raymond

From near Guardsmans Pass looking west down Big Cottonwood Canyon,
toward Mount Raymond and Gobblers Knob.

Changing colors below Mount Evergreen in Brighton.
Wolverine Cirque is on the left and the Honeycomb Cliffs are on the right.

Looking northwest from Scott Hill toward some lone fiery aspen leaves.

Yellow and orange aspen leaves.

Aspen Leaf close up. This one fell before the tree could recoup all of the chloroplasts.

Fruity Pebbles brand cereal trees.

Mount Raymond with Circle-All Peak (Covered in green aspen) below it.

Kessler Peak with golden aspen leaves sparkling through the pine forest
like piles of gold coins.

Green, Yellow, Purple, Red and Orange Fall Colors.

Young Buck in Big Cottonwood Canyon

From near Guardsmans Pass near the head of Big Cottonwood Canyon,
Looking west toward Kessler Peak, Mount Olympus,
Mount Raymond and Gobblers Knob.

From near Peak 420, near Guardsmans Pass looking southwest
toward the Cottonwood Ridge and Kessler Peak.
Twin Lakes is visible at the end of the little road on the right.
Silver Lake is visible in the lower middle of the image.

From Peak 420 looking east toward Park City.
Bloods Lake lies below on the right, With Lake Brimhall and Silver Lake
(There are dozens of Silver Lakes).

Yellow aspen leaves near the base of Kessler Peak.

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