Avenues Twin Peaks - 6,291'

Little Black Mountain - 8,040'
City Creek Canyon
Red Butte
Downtown Salt Lake City

There are three Twin Peaks in Salt Lake County alone, Broads Fork Twin Peaks, American Fork Twin Peaks, and Avenues Twin Peaks.

Broads Fork Twin Peaks (the most famous) is the prominent peak between Mount Olympus and Lone Peak which is easily seen from anywhere in the valley, American Fork Twin Peaks which is the highest point in Salt Lake County and is the head of Snowbird Ski Resort, and the not so famous Avenues Twin Peaks which are only 6,291 feet above sea level and reside northeast of the Avenues in Salt Lake City.

To get to the Avenues Twin Peaks:
Start at Limekiln Gulch (Northeast of the Salt Lake City Cemetery) and hike northeast, parallel to the Lime Kiln below (an old brick factory). There is a trail but it's kind of hard to find. At the top of this hill, the Avenues Twin Peaks are the tall hills to the northwest with the limestone rocks poking out of it, and down below to the west is Spring Gulch. Stay on the ridge that you are now on and follow the trail northeast to the Little Black Mountain Ridge, which goes southwest to the Avenues Twin Peaks or northeast to Little Black Mountain, We went to Little Black Mountain first. At the top of this ridge, there is a trail that walks along the north edge of the ridge, follow this if you are on foot, you will save your knees from the steep hill. If you look northeast the dark mountain on the same ridge is Little Black Mountain. There are multiple false summits, we stopped on the first peak (the one that looks like the main peak from the ridge) , We went to the Avenues Twin Peaks afterward.

Sunday, June 3, 2001

Looking north to Dude Peak.

Denyse and Roujia in front of the Wasatch Mountains.

Looking northeast to Little Black Mountain.

Indian Paintbrush along the trail to Little Black Mountain, Jared is at the top of the hill.

From Little Black Mountain looking west to the Great Salt Lake and Antelope Island.

From the top of Little Black Mountain looking south to Mount Olympus,
Twin Peaks (Broads Fork) and Lone Peak.

Looking south to Red Butte.

Jared on top of Little Black Mountain in front of the Great Salt Lake and Antelope Island.

Denyse and Roujia climbing down from Little Black Mountain,
the canyon below is City Creek Canyon.

Going down Little Black Mountain Ridge,
at the end of the ridge is the Avenues Twin Peaks.

From the Avenues Twin Peaks looking west to Ensign Peak,
The Great Salt Lake, and Stansbury Island.

From the Avenues Twin Peaks looking toward downtown Salt Lake City.

From the Avenues Twin Peaks looking toward downtown
Salt Lake City and the Oquirrh Mountains.

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Special Thanks to Jared, Denyse and Roujia


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