Arches National Park
Balanced Rock

The Balanced Rock Trail was "Under construction", so pictures were difficult. Because you couldn't use the trail, we had to carefully tip-toe over the cryptobiotic soil.

Cryptobiotic soil is a symbiotic relationship of four unrelated creatures from four different kingdoms:

Algae (Protist) Bacteria (Monera) Moss (Plantae) and Mold (Fungi)

Although they don't really explain the function of the soil, it is very important to the ecology of the desert. It stops erosion and keeps moisture in the soil. which keeps many species of plant alive, which keeps many animals alive.

It also is hard to replace, taking thousands of years to regrow.

June 16, 2000

Balanced Rock looking more sturdy than it is.

The other side of Balanced Rock.

Ham rock and Balanced Rock at dusk.

Balanced Rock Animation



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