Bell's Canyon

Lone Peak

Wasatch MountainsThe forest service has moved the entrance into Bell's Canyon south and now has it's own parking area. The hike involves a very rock laden trail.
We bushwhacked up between the Middle Bell Tower and the West Bell Tower, a very difficult task. We reached the summit of the West Bell Tower and then climbed down the talus between the West Bell Tower and the Far West Bell Tower, on the way down there were 3 dangerous down climbs, not very difficult, but a mistake could have been a nightmare. We should have brought a rope and rappel gear.

April 27, 2001

The beginning of the trail to Bell's Canyon

A massive conglomeration of quartzite and granite.

West Bell Tower and the Middle Bell Tower, Classic Rock Climbing.

The West Bell Tower

Denyse in front of the East Bell Tower.

The West Bell Tower

The Far West Bell Tower. We scrambled down the crevice on the right of it.

The Middle Bell Tower,
the smooth granite section is home to the classic rock climb,
"Arm and Hammer" III 5.11d which climbs over a long flake known as "The Zion Curtain".

A huge overhung roof to the west of The Middle Bell Tower.

The giant overhang at the top of The Middle Bell Tower, not yet climbed.

On top of the West Bell Tower looking north into Little Cottonwood Canyon,
here you can see The Coffin, The Sail and The Egg.
The Coffin | The Egg

A view of The Thumb, a multi-pitch climb in Little Cottonwood Canyon.
Pictures of The Thumb in Little Cottonwood Canyon

A view of the granite rock climbing walls in Little Cottonwood Canyon.
From The Egg to The Thumb.

Find a Climbing Wall:
Little Cottonwood Climbing Walls West

Little Cottonwood Climbing Walls East

Looking up Little Cottonwood Canyon, Twin Peaks is the high point.

Looking west from atop the West Bell Tower. You can see the Lower Bell's Reservoir.

Denyse and Jared on top of the West Bell Tower.

The Church records vault

From atop the West Bell Tower looking east
toward the Middle Bell Tower and Thunder Mountain.

Twin Peaks, Denyse and Jared on top of the West Bell Tower.

Twin Peaks and Sunrise Peak

Going sown the north side of The West Bell Tower.

The waterfall in front of The Middle Bell Tower.

Looking west, back to the Salt Lake valley.

See the other side of the Far West Bell Tower. "Superslab"

Special Thanks to Jared and Denyse


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