Big Cottonwood Canyon

Looking down Big Cottonwood Canyon towards Salt Lake City.

Lake Blanche and Sundial Peak the highest of the
three lakes located in the basin.
The trail begins in Mill B South Fork up Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Storm Mountain an inspiring outcrop of rock 2.9 miles up
Big Cottonwood Canyon directly across from the Storm Mountain picnic area.

On the way to Reynolds Peak, Dog Lake and Little Water Peak
quietly bask in the sunshine.

This rugged mountain area called Ceasar's Palace
can be found on the north side of
Big Cottonwood Canyon up Mill B North Fork.

The famous S-Curve. Part of the road leading
up the Canyon of Big Cottonwood.

Twin Lakes located in the Brighton Bowl.
Lake Mary also resides close by.

Lake Mary one of the serene lakes found near
Brighton Ski Resort in Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Very rarely seen in the Wasatch Mountains,
this Wolverine was caught hanging out by Lake Mary.

Moose, groundhogs, deer, mountian goat.
Just a few of the numerous animals seen in the Wasatch Range.
This moose seen at Twin Lakes

Big Cottonwood Canyon, Winter


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