Big Cottonwood Crag

The sun was out so we decided to walk up somewhere warm, I found a little crag, where I had never been before, it was pretty, especially on top, where I found lots of dark shale and tons of little mosses, which are fun to take micro-zoom pictures of.

Sunday, January 1, 2006

Twin Peaks from Sandy, Utah.

The Mule Hollow Rock Climbing Wall.

Green Tribbles

Waking up as the blanket of snow melts away.

Dandilion-like flowers that were buried under the snow.

Tiny pictures of Micro Plants.

A micro-bush, smaller than a dime.

Shale deposit rocks. They remind me of a book of burnt pages.

Shale on earth.

Mossland, I bet if I could zoom in even further,
they would start to look like elf trees.

Looking down towards Big Cottonwood Highway
and the Dogwood Rock Climbing Crag

Looking south toward Storm Mountain.

This shot is from an airplane taken in June of 2001.
Looking east down Twin Peaks and Cottonwood Ridge.
It shows how Storm Mountain doesn't have a "peak".
Storm Mountain is the ridge on the lower left.

Telephoto of the 'summit' of Storm Mountain.
Storm Mountain doesn't have a peak actually,
it is only a ridge that ends at the east peak of Twin Peaks.

The top of Stairs Gulch.

Wildcat Ridge - Mount Olympus

Wildcat Ridge - Mount Olympus

Big Cottonwood - Aquaduct Ridge


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