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Wildcat Ridge
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Salt Lake City, Utah

Pictures from a ridge on the south side of Mount Olympus.

Sunday, October 14, 2001

Looking east up Big Cottonwood Canyon,.
The Dogwood Rock Climbing Wall is at the bottom,
on the right of Big Cottonwood Highway.

The entire Dogwood Climbing Area

Looking east at Wild Cat Ridge
You can see this stratafied section of shale and quartzite from the road,
when you are near the Dogwood Climbing Area.

Wildcat Ridge, behind is Kessler Peak.

A telephoto of Kessler Peak

Looking north up the ridge to Mount Olympus,
I think this would be a better access route to Wildcat Ridge.

Looking northwest, from here you can see the Oquirrh Mountains,
Stansbury Island in the Great Salt Lake,
The Lakeside Mountains, Antelope Island and Salt Lake City, Utah.

Looking south you can see Ferguson Canyon,
The Hound's Tooth and all the way to Lone Peak.

A telephoto of Lone Peak.

Storm Mountain and Big Cottonwood Canyon,
you can see Storm Mountain Island.

Storm Mountain - looks like a peak,
but it's just a ridge that ends up on the East Twin of Twin Peaks.

Looking west down Big Cottonwood Canyon, toward the Oquirrh Mountains.
Lewiston 10,411', Flat Top Mountain10,620', and Lowe Peak 10,589'.

Looking east over the Storm Mountain Ridge.

Thanks to: Denyse, Jared, and Quinton


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