Brighton Moose

Dog Lake - Lake Mary

Brighton Ski Resort
The head of Big Cottonwood Canyon
Salt Lake City, Utah

So far, every time I've been to the Brighton Granite Lakes area I've seen a moose.
This time I saw 3 large males by Dog Lake (not the one by Reynolds Peak, there is another Dog Lake by Lake Mary), and 2 large males in another (Could have been the same moose)
There was a severe rainstorm that was dropping marble sized hail. Lighting was striking dangerously close, and the deafening thunder seemed to be agitating the moose, who put on displays that seemed aimed toward us.

Monday July 15, 2002

Mount Tuscarora from near Lake Martha

This was the youngest looking moose of the three.

He seemed to be very concerened with what I was up to.

You can see the rain and hail pouring down.
Every once in a while the moose would begin running around, sometimes in circles,
kicking and digging at the dirt, as if to tell us to make the thunder stop.
I think they thought we were causeing it.

This guy eventually got up when the storm became too intense.
I was able to shoot a lot of video footage, I wish I could post it here,
but the server bandwidth would cost too much.
I'm making a CD-ROM, maybe I'll put this video on there.

I think this was the oldest one, he was the least impressed by us, and the storm.

We continued up to Catherines Pass to watch the sunset.
Looking west, straight down Cottonwood Ridge, from left to right:
Sunrise Peak, Twin Peaks (East Peak) Dromedary, Unnamed, Unnamed,
Monte Cristo (Appears to be the tallest from this view), Unnamed and Superior Peak.

Looking west down Grizzly Gulch toward the Cottonwood Ridge.
The Hellgate Cliffs can be seen in the middle bottom as the white bands of limestone.

Thanks to Gloria


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