Red Butte

Red Butte Gardens
The Foothills
Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah
The Living Room
The Chairs
Short Hike

Red Butte is a short hike up to an outcrop of reddish sandstone. It takes about 45 minutes to reach the top, along the way there is a popular stop for the kids called "The Living Room", or some call it "The Chairs".
All it is is a bunch of rocks placed to look like a couple chairs, not that interesting really. The top of the butte is much more worth your time.

October 1, 1999

From along the trail up to Red Butte looking east toward the Wasatch Mountains.

Looking toward Salt Lake City

Sunset over Salt Lake City, Sitting on Red Butte.

Denise, Melanie and Valerie atop the Red Butte.


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