Canyonlands National Park
Dead Horse Point

When we entered the park, there was no one there, so we went mapless which made things a bit more difficult. We went down the White Rim Trail which is meant for 4WD vehicles. about 4 hours later we made it back into Moab. But we got to see some awesome views along the way.

May 7, 2002

A view of the gooseneck normally seen from Dead Horse Point from along the White Rim Trail

Gloria from along the White Rim Trail

Looking east from the White Rim Trail

Looking southeast toward the La Sal Mountains, the second tallest mountain range in Utah.

Looking southeast toward the Dead Horse Point viewpoint and the La Sal Mountains.

From along the jeep road looking toward the gooseneck of
Dead Horse Point (The reddish wall)

Looking up toward near the Dead Horse Point viewpoint.

Dead Horse Point gooseneck from the side.

A view from Canyonlands

Canyonlands in the foreground,
Arches National Park in the middle and the La Sal Mountains in the Back.

Time to go

Strange formations in Canyonlands from along the White Rim Trail.

The Potash Evaporation Ponds in Shafer Basin.
The water looked more blue in real life,
it has this effect from the Uranium tailings that are being refined nearby.
The La Sal Mountains are in the background.

Moab Utah Pictures 1
Moab Utah Pictures 2

Special thanks to Gloria


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