List: Alpine Ridge

Pictures from a hike up to Bells Canyon in the Wasatch near Lone Peak. Views include West Bell Tower, Middle Bell Tower, East Bell Tower, Rock Climbing, Twin Peaks, and Little Cottonwood Canyon.
March 31, 2001
American Fork Twin Peaks, pictures from a hike to the highest summit in Salt Lake City. Located in the Wasatch Mountains Utah.
September 28, 2003
Pictures of a hike up to the summit of Lone Peak in the Wasatch Mountains via the Jacobs Ladder Route near Draper. Views of The Pfeifferhorn, Thunder Mountain, Broads Fork Twin Peaks, Cottonwood Ridge, Corner Canyon, and Alpine Ridge
August 17, 2002
Pictures of a hike to the summit of Lone Peak near Draper, Utah. One of the most difficult hikes in the Wasatch Mountains. Approached from the Alpine Hammongog Route. Views of Twin Peaks, Mount Olympus, Timpanogos, Box Elder Peak, The Question Mark Wall a
October 07, 2000
Pfeifferhorn Peak, Pictures taken from The Pfeifferhorn in Little Cottonwood Canyon in the Wasatch. Pfeifferhorn Summit Pictures, Mountain Goats, Red Pine, Lone Peak.
September 15, 2000
Little Willow Canyon - Lone Peak, Flat Top Mountain, Oquirrh Mountains
January 05, 2004
Lone Peak Summit. Corner Canyon, Jacobs Ladder. Views from atop the head of Alpine Ridge sitting over Salt Lake City, Utah. Smoke from wildfires obscures the valley below, but other peaks are visible, such as Twin Peaks, Pfeifferhorn, Thunder Mountain, Wh
August 17, 2002
Red Baldy in the Wasatch Mountains in Salt Lake City, Utah. A hike with many pictures and descriptions.
September 28, 2003
American Fork Twin Peaks - Snowbird Ski Resort, Little Cottonwood Canyon, Wasatch Mountains - 7-01
July 22, 2001
Pictures of multiple views of American Fork Twin Peaks,Salt Lake City, Utah, Wasatch Mountains, Big Cottonwood Canyon, Snowbird, Gad Valley, Collins Gulch.
July 21, 2001
Lone Peak Summit Views. Lone Peak Summit in the Wasatch Mountains, a hike from Corner Canyon up through Jacobs Ladder over Draper Ridge through the forest meadow and up to the summit of Lone Peak. Pfeifferhorn, White Baldy, Chipman Peak, Bells Peak, South
August 18, 2002
Video from the Summit of Lone Peak at the head of Alpine Ridge in the Wasatch Mountains, Salt Lake City, Utah.
August 17, 2002
Video of Cottonwood Ridge to the north, then to the east, a massive granite boulder talus and then south up to Pfeifferhorn Peak from under the Hogum Divide in Maybird Gulch, Big Cottonwood Canyon, SLC, Utah.
September 14, 2002
Multiple Views of Lone Peak from around the Wasatch Mountains.
June 06, 2001
Lone Peak Canyons, TWIN PEAKS, Hounds Tooth, Big Willow, Little Willow, Bear Canyon, Dry Fork
April 30, 2000

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