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Stewart Falls and Bridal Veil Falls, pictures from a hike to the waterfall from Aspen Grove in American Fork Canyon.
August 18, 2003
Timpanogos Cave in American Fork Canyon, Alpine Loop, Mount Timpanogos, Utah.
October 08, 2002
Pictures of American Fork Canyon, Alpine Loop, Bridal Veil Falls, Mount Timpanogos, Utah.
May 31, 2000
Pictures from a hike in Aspen Grove to Timpanogos Summit, the second tallest point in the Wasatch Mountains. Views of Emerald Lake, Roberts Horn, Deer Creek Reservoir, Squaw Mountain, Cascade Peak, Provo Peak, Mount Nebo and Utah Lake.
September 29, 2000
Pictures of American Fork Canyon, Alpine Loop, and Mount Timpanogos, near Alpine, Utah.
October 08, 2002
Pictures of the Silver Lake Reservoir in American Fork Canyon, Utah. Views of Lone Peak, Alpine Ridge, Cascade Peak, Pfeifferhorn, Provo Peak, Timpanogos.
October 01, 2000
Views of a hike up to the summit of Mount Timpanogos in 1970. Pictures by Ron Meier. Wasatch Mountains, Utah
June 06, 2004
Timpanogos Waterfalls in Aspen Grove. Pictures of multi-tiered ledges and the many waterfalls found on Mount Timpanogos.
June 02, 2000
Cascade Springs in American Fork Canyon, Provo Peak, Cascade Mountain, Alpine Loop, Mount Timpanogos, Mill Canyon Peak, Uinta Mountains, near Alpine, Utah.
October 09, 2002
Box Elder Peak, South Route, American Fork Canyon. American Fork, Timpanogos, Lone Peak, Pfeifferhorn, Mountain Goats
August 26, 2001

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