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Pictures of Moab, in Southern Utah. Views of the La Sal Mountains, Power dam, Left hand fork, Millcreek, Kens Lake, The Colorado River and Red sandstone rocks.
May 05, 2002
Pictures from a hike up to Bells Canyon in the Wasatch near Lone Peak. Views include West Bell Tower, Middle Bell Tower, East Bell Tower, Rock Climbing, Twin Peaks, and Little Cottonwood Canyon.
March 31, 2001
Pictures of American Fork Canyon, Alpine Loop, Bridal Veil Falls, Mount Timpanogos, Utah.
May 31, 2000
Pictures of The East Temple in Zion National Park, in southern Utah near Saint George.Views of Twin Brothers, Mount Spry and red rock sandtone.
May 19, 2000
Views of Clover Springs, Cactus Rose, Desert Flowers, Sego Lilly, Open Cave Mine, Rush Lake, Stansbury Mountains and the Onaqui Mountains
May 28, 2005
Views of Salt Lakes mountain icon, Mount Olympus. Directions to the start of the South Summit Trail, or classic route on Wasatch Blvd by Petes Rock.
May 11, 2000
Pictures of a drive around the Silver Island Mountains near the Bonneville Salt Flats near Wendover, Utah. Graham Peak, Donner Pass, Dust Storms, Floating Island.
March 01, 2008
Frog Mating Season - Zion Nation Park, near Saint George, Utah. Not intended for young frogs to see. Views of Lizards, Cactus Rose, Worms and tadpoles.
May 19, 2000
Pictures of a hike up to Little Black Mountain, in the Foothills north of Salt Lake City. Views include Oquirrh Mountains, Wasatch Front, Salt Lake City, Willard Mountain, Mount Olympus, Lone Peak, Twin Peaks, Big Beacon, Avenues Twin Peaks.
March 21, 2004
Pictures of Checkerboard Mesa, a giant sandstone mesa in Zion National Park.
May 20, 2000
Ferguson Canyon on Twin Peaks, views of the Hounds Tooth, Mount Raymond, Wildcat Ridge.
April 16, 2001
Wasatch Mountains, Lone Peak, The Pfeifferhorn, Mount Timpanogos, Santaquinn, Spanish Fork
May 21, 2000
Pictures of Rock Climbing and Bouldering in Saint George Park in Southern Utah.
May 18, 2000
Pictures from around The Great Salt Lake, west of Salt Lake City, Utah. The largest lake outside of the Great Lakes in America.
May 30, 2000
Wasatch Plane 2. Pictures of the Wasatch and Uinta Mountains covered in snow, from atop a commercial airliner.
April 01, 2002
Heughs Canyon, Mount Olympus, Wasatch Mountains, Salt Lake City, Utah
April 25, 2001
Video of an antelope running alongside the car on the northside of the Silver Island Mountiains in the Bonneville Salt Flats.
March 01, 2008
Mount Olympus peak, a winter ascent in March to the summit with 78 year old George Sormer.
March 04, 2001
Pictures of a hike up to Big Beacon in the foothills, Mount Wire, Cicada Brood, Georges Hollow, Emigration Ridge, Red Butte Reservoir, Salt Lake City, brown snake, hawk.
May 27, 2001
Canyonlands National Park near Moab, in southern Utah.Southeast, Dead Horse Point, White Rim Trail, Potash, La Sal Mountains
May 07, 2002
Pictures of a hike up to Emerald Falls in Zion National Park in Southern Utah, near Saint George. Views of sandstone and waterfalls.
March 01, 2000

Great Zion Arch, Hiking around various canyons in Zion National Park, in Southern Utah.
May 19, 2000
Little Cottonwood Canyon offers plenty of excellent rock climbing, one of which is called The Egg. Climbing, LCC, Little Cottonwood Canyon Superslab Goat Gully
May 17, 2000
Pictures taken from Emigration Ridge in the Wasatch. Perkins Peak Dale Peak, Little Mountain Summit, Grandeur Peak, Millcreek Ridge, Mount Aire
May 20, 2001
Wasatch Rainbow, Mount Olympus, Interactive Map of Mount Olympus trail route.
May 07, 2005
Lake Blanche, Domedary Peak, Mill B South Fork, Big Cottonwood Canyon, Wasatch Mountains, Utah. Sundial Peak - Winter Hike
March 19, 2001
Neffs Canyon, Death Ridge, Norths Fork Mount Olympus. Pictures from along a hike up Neffs Canyon North Fork with a near fatal slide.
May 04, 2001
Mount Olympus Petes Rock and The Prudential. Pictures of Petes Rock and The Prudential in the Spring of 1999 and Winter of 2000. Wasatch mountains, Utah.
April 01, 1999
Pictures of climbing routes in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Contact Buttress The Egg Climbing Routes
April 27, 2000
Mule Hollow, Broads Fork Twin Peaks, Big Cottonwood Canyon, Wasatch Mountains
May 13, 2001
West Slabs 1 - Olympus. Pictures and maps of the hike to the West Slabs up Mount Olympus, Utah.
May 31, 1999
Pictures of Rock Climbing at Dogwood Crag, in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Wasatch Mountains in Utah.
May 12, 2000
The Thumb - LCC, Gate Buttress, Little Cottonwood Canyon, Black Peeler Buttress, Perlas Ridge
May 03, 2000
Lone Peak Canyons, TWIN PEAKS, Hounds Tooth, Big Willow, Little Willow, Bear Canyon, Dry Fork
April 30, 2000
Pentapitch Industrial Wall Granite Rock Climbing Little Cottonwood Canyon Wasatch Mountains Salt Lake City, Utah
April 24, 2000
Video from Mount Olympus, South Summit Panorama in the the Wasatch Mountains Salt Lake City, Utah.
April 01, 2006
Rock Climbing in the Wasatch with Dave Meservy in Big Cottonwood Canyon.
May 30, 2001
Mill B North and South Forks Big Cottonwood Canyon, Above and Beyond, S-Curve , Sundial Cirque, at the top of Mill B South. Twin Peaks.
April 30, 2001
West Slabs 2 - Mount Olympus Tandem rock climbing. Pictures of climbing the West Slabs in Salt Lake City , Utah.
May 25, 1999
Pictures from around Zion National Park in Southern Utah near Saint George. Views of The Watchman, Rockville, Sandstone, and The Eagle Crags.
May 19, 2000
BCC - Big Cottonwood Canyon, The S-Curve, Caesars Palace, Dog Pile.
April 22, 2000
Video of a Sphynx Moth found hovering around some thistle. Spynx Moths are one of only a few creatures that can fly backwards, like a hummingbird.
May 06, 2011

Pictures of Storm Mountain Island, Big Cottonwood Canyon, Stairs Gulch, Standard Arete, Psychobabble Wall, Bumble Bee Wall, Epic Wall, Challenge Buttress and the Standard Ridge Area.
April 21, 2000
Pictures of Storm Mountain Island in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Salt Lake City, Utah. Views of the Stairs Gulch, Beer Belly Butress and Mount Raymond
April 03, 2000
Video of a few moose found in Big Cottonwood Canyon. Two have their antlers with velvet, two are shown in the spring before their antlers grow. One of them is caught relieving himself in the river.
May 16, 2011
Choss Garden - BCC, Big Cottonwood Canyon, Choss Garden, Just past the Storm Mountain Dam,
April 06, 2000
Video of a search for Triops, the worlds oldest species, which appears to be one of the more alien creatures on the planet.
May 06, 2010
Telephoto video of wild mountain goats foraging in the sun. They were still loosing their winter coats.
April 06, 2010
Big Cottonwood Canyon Rock Climbing The S-Curve
April 25, 2000
Mount Olympus, Petes Rock, The Prudential, Memorial Day Canyon Rescue, Helecopters, Darwin.
May 29, 2000
Big Cottonwood Canyon, The S-Curve, Broads Fork
May 16, 2000
Video of Elf Cup Fungus found in the Wasatch Mountains. This type of fungus is known as an Ascocarp. It is fundementally different than common mushroom shaped fungus.
May 12, 2011
Video of my main hiking partner, Puggy. Here she hikes around, and then takes a break. Puggy will be missed.
May 25, 2011
Storm Mountain Island, Big Cottonwood Canyon, Reservoir Ridge
April 26, 2000
Pictures of Perlas Ridge Talus up Little Cottonwood Canyon in the Wasatch mountain range in Utah.
May 01, 2000
Petes Rock 1, The Prudential, Mount Olympus, Sunset.
April 10, 1999
Gate Buttress - LCC, Perlas Ridge, The Thumb, Little Cottonwood Canyon, Pug, Lorin.
April 06, 1999
S-Curve, BCC, Big Cottonwood Canyon, Rock Climbing, Bouldering, Sundial Peak
April 01, 1999
Video of my main hiking partner, Puggy. Here she hikes around, and then takes a break. Puggy will be missed.
May 25, 2011
Petes Rock Weather. Pictures of Petes Rock and The Prudential with a beautiful sunset background and errupting clouds, in the Wasatch mountains of Utah.
May 28, 2000
Big Cottonwood Canyon, Storm Mountain Island, The Slips, Ancient Seafloor, JHCOB Wall
April 04, 2000

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