List: 2010

Telephoto video of wild mountain goats foraging in the sun. They were still loosing their winter coats.
April 06, 2010
Video of a search for Triops, the worlds oldest species, which appears to be one of the more alien creatures on the planet.
May 06, 2010
Video of a huge snake found in Southern Utah. A massive Great Basin Rattlesnake crosses our path, climbs up a rock an watches our every movement.
June 01, 2010
Video of a blood red sunset near Monument Valley, in southern Utah. The face of God appears about halfway through the video.
June 06, 2010
Crazy cloud formation from Big Cottonwood Canyon Highway. Blood red, burning clouds hang overhead. There were many formations that looked like a hippy lava lamp.
June 06, 2010
A quick drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon in the spring. The river was overflowing, and Stairs Gulch was clogged with avalanche debris.
June 06, 2010
Video of a hike to the top of Notch Peak, the tallest cliffs in Utah. Located in the Sawtooth Mountains, 50 miles west of Delta.
July 16, 2010

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