Catherine's Pass

Little Cottonwood Canyon
Albion Basin

Lake Catherine - Lake Mary - Lake Martha

Temperatures in the valley reached 102,
visibility was low from all the fires

Catherines Pass is a point where 5 canyons converge,
Big Cottonwood, Little Cottonwood, American Fork,
Provo Canyon and Snake Creek. From here you can also see three lakes.
Lake Catherine, Lake Martha, and Lake Mary.

Albion Basin is famous for it's diverse wildflowers that bloom in July.

If you continue along past the Catherine's Pass trail around to the second mount you'll be on Sunset Peak.
On a clear day you can see into Colorado. Today we could barely see into Park City.

Monday July 31, 2000

View from Catherine's Pass.
Pioneer Peak

The view from Sunset Peak. Below is
Lake Catherine, Lake Martha, and Lake Mary.

A view from the mount between Catherine's Pass and Sunset Peak.

Albion Basin looking toward Mt. Baldy.

A possible bouldering wall along the trail.

Looking toward Pioneer Peak and Clayton Peak.
Lake Catherine sits below

Lake Catherine

The Catherine's Pass climbing wall. 5.6 -5.8.

The wall as seen from Sunset Peak.

Devil's Castle

Devil's Castle

Along the trail.

Looking toward Pioneer Peak and in the distance, Clayton Peak from Sunset Peak.


Laif and Denyse

Lake Catherine

Angelic Cloud Light

Smoke filled view of Park City.

The strange rock strata found around Sunset Peak.

Maleable Limstone

The Sugarloaf

Sunset Peak, the trail hikes along the ridge.

Looking back you can see from Superior Peak,
all the way to Twin Peaks.

These trees are growing out of the rock.

Pictures of Albion Basin wildflowers and wildlife.


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