Chadbourne Crag - Neffs Canyon

Wasatch Mountains - Salt Lake City, Utah
Neffs Canyon

With views of Mount Olympus from the northeast

Chadbourne Crag sits between North's Fork and Thomas Fork, both jet south from Neffs Canyon. It is a pocketed wall of Limestone which is home to dozens of difficult sport climbing routes (5.10-5.13) The hike to get there takes about an hour. We didn't go there to climb, I was actually looking for a route to Thomas Fork, and just decided to stop at the crag.

Thursday, June 27, 2002

A climbing route on the Chadbourne Crag

North's Fork

Mount Olympus
In the bottom center is a view of a scarey chute that I wouldn't recomend in winter.

Mount Olympus South and North Peaks

Mount Olympus South Peak 9,026'.
This is the peak normally climbed from the trail on Wasatch Blvd.

Mount Olympus North Peak.
This peak is a little lower than the South Peak and seldom sees any visitors.
There is a route to get there, the North Face Trail, which starts in Neffs Canyon.

Pug sitting on top of the Chadbourne Crag enjoying the good life.

Thanks to Gloria and Pug


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