Church Fork Peak

Millcreek Canyon
Salt Lake City, Utah
Lookout Point
Wasatch Mountains Mountains
Grandeur Peak
Mount Olympus

Elevation 8,306 feet

Church Fork Peak is just west of Grandeur Peak,
It is about 6 feet higher than Grandeur.
The heat inversion in the city, completely overcast the valley with smog,
but above this sea of pollution, it was a clear day.
The sun was out and it was hot hiking up, I should have brought a backpack for all my extra clothes.
The top however, had to be less than 0 degrees. Bring warm gloves.

January 7, 2001

From atop Church Fork Peak looking toward the Salt lake Valley,
(covered in smoggy haze) The Oquirrh Mountains and
Stansbury Island in the Great Salt lake.

Jared hiking up the Church Fork Trail.
The route up was actually very sunny, I was sweating buckets.

Looking east to Church Fork Peak.
On your way to Grandeur Peak, just before the ridge saddle
there is a small trail shortcut to the left (east)
that will bypass an extra hill to Church Fork.
Go up to the top of the next hill to the east, back down
and up to the summit of the peak above.

Emigration Ridge looking past Salt Lake to Antelope Island.

Frozen smog drafts rising from below Perkins Peak

Grandeur Peak from the top of Church Fork Peak.
In the distance is the Oquirrh Mountains

Gobblers Knob
Gobblers Knob - Big Cottonwood Canyon
Gobbler Knob from Reynolds Peak
Gobblers Knob from Flagstaff Peak
Gobblers Knob from Grandeur Peak
Gobblers Knob from Lookout Point
Gobblers Knob from Mount Aire
Gobblers Knob from Lookout Peak

Looking northwest, over Emigration Ridge,
toward downtown Salt Lake City.

On a good day, you can clearly see Lewis Peak and
the giant Uintah Mountains to the east.
Kings Peak is the tallest of the Uintahs at 13,528'

The northern ridgeline view from Church Fork Peak.
Grandview Peak, Lookout Peak, Lewis Peak

To the north is Grandview Peak

Looking northwest from Church Fork Peak.
On the ridge line is Big Black Mountain,
in front and to the left is Little Black mountain
In front of that is Red Butte Ridge and
In the foreground is Emigration.Ridge.

Looking north to Lookout Peak
Lookout Peak - Wasatch Mountains
Lookout Peak
Lookout Point
Lookout Peak from Reynolds Peak
Lookout Peak from Grandeur Peak

Mount Aire 8621' (in the mid-foreground) Along the same ridge is Millvue Peak 8926'
Behind is Murdock Peak 9602' (it looks like it is part of Mount Aire in this picture)
and on the distant right is Little Water Peak.
On the other side of Murdock Peak, above, is the
Park City concert area "Wolf Mountain" and The Canyons Ski Area.

Mount Aire - Millcreek Canyon
Mount Aire
Mount. Aire from Reynolds Peak
Mount Aire from Lookout point
Mount Aire from Lookout Peak

Mount Aire

From atop Church Fork Peak the high mountain to the east is Mount Aire
In the far distance is the Uinta Mountains.

Ancient neighbors, Mount Olympus and Grandeur Peak

Looking into the sea of smog between Mount Olympus and Grandeur Peak

Gigantic shards of quartzite and granite, shattered and erected
from the shifting continents.
Mount Olympus' West Slabs - Rock Climb
West Slabs - Mount Olympus
West Slabs map
West Slabs climb
West Slabs free climb
West Slabs from Grandeur Peak
West Slabs from The Reef

Mount Olympus is a giant deck of scalely rock splinters.
As seen from the top of Church Fork Peak

Steam billowing out of the Kennecott Copper Refinery
at the foot of the Oquirrh Mountains.
FYI - Kennecott owns the entire Oquirrh Mountain Range.

To the southeast, behind Gobblers Knob, lies Reynolds Peak 9422'
Reynolds Peak - Big Cottonwood Canyon
Reynolds Peak/Dog Lake map

Female Hiking Crew

Special thanks to Jade, Melanie, Denyse and Jared


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