Circle-All Peak

Wasatch Mountains
Big Cottonwood Canyon
Mount Raymond
Gobblers Knob
Mill D Fork
Butler Fork
Mill A Basin
Salt Lake City, Utah

Circle-All Peak - 8,707
3.4 Miles Round Trip
Elevation Gain: 1587
Hiking time up : 1-2 hours

Circle-All Peak is a relatively short hike to reach alpine views.
Circle-All Peak is really just a knee along a spur ridge coming down off of the south side of Gobbler's Knob.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Red Elderberry
We got a late start.
From along the trail up Butler Fork.

Rose Hips (edible)

An unnamed peak near Reynolds Peak

This image taken on September 21, 2001 shows the dramatic change in color.

Aspen Trees near the top of the ridge overlooking Mill A Basin.

From atop the Circle-All Ridge
looking east toward the Wasatch Crest near Desolation Lake.

From along the Circle-All Ridge looking north toward Gobblers Knob.

Looking southwest toward Dromedary, Sunrise, Mitt* and Twin Peaks
which sit along the Cottonwood Ridge,
the divider between Big Cottonwood and Little Cottonwood.

Looking west toward Mount Raymond as the Sun peers over his shoulder.
Below Raymond is Mill A Basin, an incredibly beautiful area.

Looking north over the ridge up to Gobblers Knob.

Looking east toward the Wasatch Crest.

Looking east down Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Looking straight down Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Scott Hill, Guardsmans Peak, Peak 420 and Clayton Peak.

Harvest Moon (in two days)

Thanks to Trista, Lorin and Shane.


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