Circle All Peak

Wasatch Mountains
Big Cottonwood Canyon
Salt Lake City, Utah
Circle All Peak - 8,707

Mill D Fork
Butler Fork
Mill A Basin

Circle-All Peak is a great peak to go to if you don't have a ton of time. We made it to the top in about 50 minutes, the guidebook said 1h 40m.. And we're not that fast.

We previously tried this peak in the middle of winter, we didn't bring any snow shoes and it turned into an extremely difficult ascent, Damon swam at least 2 pool lengths. Our mistake was, we cut across the stream and went up the steep hill side.

This time we followed the trail which continues west and switchbacks up to the saddle to Circle All Peak. Very beautiful this time of year.

Sunday, September 23, 2001

At the Butler Fork / Mill D trailhead
from along the Big Cottonwood Canyon Highway.

From along the trail up to Circle-All Peak looking east.

From the summit of Circle All Peak looking east toward Brighton Ski Resort at the head of Big Cottonwood Canyon.

From the summit, looking north toward Gobbler's Knob

From the summit looking south toward Kessler Peak, behind is the Reed and Benson Ridge.
There are two massive slide paths on Kessler's north face,
one is called "God's Lawnmower" and frequently reaches the road.

Looking southwest toward the Cottonwood Ridge.
Dromedary Peak, Sunrise Peak, Twin Peaks, and about half way down,
Storm Mountain, which is clearly just a ridge, not a peak.

Dromedary Peak, Sunrise Peak, and Twin Peaks

Special Thanks to: Jared, Lorin, and Damon


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