Clayton Peak

Wasatch Mountains
Salt Lake City, Utah
Brighton Ski Resort
Great Western Ski Run
Clayton Peak 10,721 ft.

We started at the top of Guardsmans Pass at the head of Big Cottonwood Canyon. From there you go right (south) up to a minor summit, Steven and Ruojia had to leave from here, but not before sharing some treats. The rest of us continued to the top of Clayton Peak. It wasn't a hard hike, but the snow made it a bit more interesting.

Sunday, November 4, 2001

Cottonwood Ridge from atop the summit of Clayton Peak 10, 721 ft.

From along the beginning of the hike looking east toward
Bloods Lake.

From atop the first summit looking down BIg Cottonwood Canyon
Kessler Peak, Mount Olympus, Mount Raymond and Gobbler's Knob are visible.

Jared, Denyse, Ruojia, Steven and Cornell on top of the first summit.
10,420 ft.

Looking west, over the group, down Big Cottonwood Canyon

Looking east over the Park City area toward the Uinta Mountains

A telephoto of the Uinta Mountains

From the first summit looking south toward Clayton Peak

Clayton Peak, the trail follows just under the ridge on the shaded side.

Almost to the summit

Denyse, Cornell and Jared on top of Clayton Peak - 10,721 ft.

Jared atop the eastern reaches of the Wasatch, in the distance is
Mill Canyon Peak, with Provo Peak and Timpanogos behind.

From the summit looking east over Lackawaxen Lake

A closer view of Lackawaxen Lake

Looking west over the center of the Wasatch Mountain Range.

Devils Castle, American Fork Twin Peaks and Hidden Peak tram.

Superior-Monte Cristo-Twin Peaks (in a row, under the dark cloud)
Kessler and Raymond.

Looking northeast

A telephoto of most of the Cottonwood Ridge,
Mount Superior, Monte Cristo, and Twin Peaks.

Cottonwood Ridge to Kessler Peak

Mount Timpanogos to the south

Special thanks to Denyse, Jared, Cornell, Ruojia, and Steven
Extra Special Thanks to Steven


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