Cottonwood Ridge

Wasatch Mountains
Salt Lake City, Utah

Cottonwood Ridge is the ridge between Big Cottonwood Canyon and Little Cottonwood Canyon

Twin Peaks, Mitt Peak*, Sunrise Peak, Dromedary Peak, Red Mound*, Sundial Back Peak*, Round Peak*, Monte Cristo, Mount Superior, Black Knob, Flagstaff Peak
*Substitute names for Unnamed Peaks (Not official names)

American Fork Twin Peaks

The entire Cottonwood Ridge.
Broads Fork Twin Peaks, Sunrise Peak, Dromedary,
3 unnameds, Monte Cristo, and Superior Peak.
The Hellgate Cliffs are visible as the white bands on the far right.
Snowbird is visible in the bottom right by the road.

Looking northeast toward Red Mound*, Sundial Back Peak*, Round Peak*
Monte Cristo and Mount Superior from Lone Peak

From Monte Cristo:
Round Peak* Sundial Back Peak*, Dromedary, Sunrise and Twin Peaks (Broad's Fork)
Storm Mountain is visible as the small mound on the right below Twin Peaks.

From Monte Cristo:
Looking down the bumpy backbone of the Cottonwood Ridge.

From Monte Cristo:
Looking west toward Twin Peaks, the two tallest points on the Cottonwood Ridge,
at the head of Cottonwood Ridge, with Dromedary below and in front.

From Monte Cristo:
Sunrise Peak, A.K.A. O'Sullivans Peak, sits off to the south of Twin and Dromedary
This peak is considered one of the most difficult to climb in the Wasatch.
It requires some rock climbing skill, but I don't think you need ropes.

Pictures from a hike to the summit in 2001
Monte Cristo and Mount Superior

Interactive Flash panorama from atop Monte Cristo taken in 2001
Monte Cristo Panorama

Monte Cristo and Mount Superior in the Winter
Monte Cristo Winter

Views of Monte Cristo from around the Wastch
Monte Cristo Views

Agassiz Peak - Uinta Mountains

Looking west toward the central Wasatch.
You can see Lone Peak 11,253' on the far left,
American Fork Twin Peaks
as the tallsest point on the left side,
all the way to Superior Peak, Dromedary and Broads Fork Twin Peaks.

Foreground: Bald Mountain,
The dark pointy peak is Long Peak (West of Mount Watson in the Uintas)
The entire Cottonwood Ridge sits far behind.
You can see Mount Superior, Monte Cristo, Dromedary,
Sunrise and the eastern Twin Peak 11,330'.

East Long Peak - Uinta Mountains

Looking west over Island Peak toward Cottonwood Ridge.
Mount Superior/Monte Cristo, Sunrise, Dromedary, Twin Peaks.
Storm Mountain is visible as the tiny peak on the far right.

Mount Olympus Summit

How many of these places can you identify on the picture above?
Mineral Fork, Mount Superior, Monte Cristo, Sundial Peak, Mill B South Fork,
Cottonwood Ridge, Broads Fork, Dromedary Peak, Sunrise Peak, Twin Peaks,
Stairs Gulch, Storm Mountain, The Pfeifferhorn, Thunder Mountain.

Mount Superior, Monte Cristo, The Cottonwood Ridge,
Sundial Peak (Bottom middle)
From Lake Blanche the face of this ridge looks like a free-standing pyramid.

Wildcat Ridge

The light in this picture is almost 100% reflected light from the clouds above.

Monte Cristo and Two Unnameds,
American Fork Twin Peaks is poking up on the right in the background.
In the center of the picture, at the end of the ridge coming toward the camera is Sundial Peak.
Below in the trees is Lake Blanche, Lillian and Florence.
There is also another lake to the left and south of Sundial.

A slow motion explosion recorded in time.
The entire Cottonwood Ridge.
Clayton Peak in Brighton is visible on the extreme left, Kessler Peak is also visible.
Bells Canyon Peak and Lone Peak are visible on the right in the background.
Storm Mountain is the ridge below Lone Peak in this Picture.

Mount Raymond

From the summit of Raymond looking south to
Dromedary Peak, Sunrise Peak, unnamed, and Twin Peaks.

Superior, Monte Cristo, Dromedary, Sunrise Peak and Twin Peaks

Red Pine / Pfeifferhorn

Three upper Red Pine lakes, (in the spring there is just one)
with Superior Peak and Monte Cristo in the background.

Lower Red Pine Lake

Maybird Lake

Twin Peaks, Unnamed, and Sunrise Peak behind the south Maybird Lake.

A view of Maybird Lakes from the Hogum Divide boulder talus.
Behind is Cottonwood Ridge.
Twin Peaks, Unnamed, Sunrise Peak, and Dromedary.

Gobbler's Knob

Cottonwood Ridge
AF Twin Peaks (Alpine Ridge) Mount Superior, Monte Cristo, 3 unnameds,
Dromedary, Sunrise, and BF Twin Peaks.

Dromedary Peak, Sunrise Peak unnamed and Broads Fork Twin Peaks.

American Fork Twin Peaks (far left background) Superior Peak, Monte Cristo.
In the foreground is the head of Mineral Fork.

Kessler Peak

Looking west to Sunrise Peak and Twin Peaks 11,330'

Dromedary Peak - 11,107', Sunrise Peak 11,275', and Unnamed 10,910'.

Wasatch Plane Ride

Below is the I-80 Kimball Junction to Park City
Looking southwest over Olympus Ridge, Cottonwood Ridge and Alpine Ridge.

It's kind of hard to distinguish all the ridges and peaks.
Closest ridge left to right : Gobblers Knob, Mount Raymond, Wildcat Ridge.
Second Ridge: Monte Cristo, Alpine Ridge, Dromedary, Sunrise and Twin Peaks.
Third ridge: White Baldy, Pfiefferhorn, Thunder Mountain and Lone Peak (Alpine Ridge.
Behind that you can see the end of Timpanogos, Box Elder Peak and all the way to Nebo.

A better view of Twin Peaks, Unnamed and Sunrise Peak.

Twin Peaks form the west,
the obvious gully is the head of Deaf Smith Canyon North Fork.

Looking east down Twin Peaks and Cottonwood Ridge.
Storm Mountain is the ridge on the lower left.

Catherines Pass

Looking back you can see from Superior Peak,
all the way to Twin Peaks.

Mount Superior and Monte Cristo above Snowbird Ski Resort.
Black Knob Peak and The Hellgate Cliffs are visible.

Albion Basin

A telephoto of Cottonwood Ridge, the ridgeline peaks are:
Unnamed, Monte Cristo, Unnamed, Mount Superior

Another view of the same ridge looking more westward.
From here you can see all the way to Sunrise, Twin Peaks and Dromedary.
(The three tiny peaks on the far left)
The white/gray area in the lower right is the limestone "Hellgate Cliffs"
- A classic climbing area.

Clayton Peak

A telephoto of most of the Cottonwood Ridge,
Mount Superior, Monte Cristo, and Twin Peaks.

Cottonwood Ridge from atop the summit of Clayton Peak 10,721 ft.

Circle-All Peak

Looking southwest toward the Cottonwood Ridge.
Dromedary Peak, Sunrise Peak, Twin Peaks, and about half way down,
Storm Mountain, which is clearly just a ridge, not a peak.

Dromedary Peak, Sunrise Peak, and Twin Peaks

Reynolds Peak

Dromedary, Sunrise and Twin Peaks.
(The tiny peak between Sunrise and Twin is unnamed)

Superior, Monte Cristo, Kessler, Dromedary, Sunrise and Twin Peaks

Dromedary, Sunrise, unnamed and Twin Peaks



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