Delicate Arch - Arches National Park

When we got to the Delicate Arch parking area, I thought it would be mostly empty, but there were two busloads of Mongolian tourists waiting for the bathroom. The beginning of the trail was closed off, we had to walk up the road through the orange barracades.

Sadly these barracades only confused tourists and made them have to walk through some cryptobiotic soil.

I thought the hike would be cake considering that it wasn't going to be hot outside. It still wasn't easy, even though the ground is extremely grippy, you still get tired if you go too fast, so find a nice pace, and don't force it.

Helpful Tip: In the summer, you can freeze a gallon of water and carry it on your back, this will cool you down and slow your perspiration. The ice will also make ambient water condense on the outside of the plastic container, which will drip onto your back, if positioned right. Every drop you condense out of the air, is one drop you don't have to carry or perspire.

Remember, when freezing water, that your container be only 80% full of water and to leave the cap off, or very loose. You might have to melt part of the ice with hot water to get the cap back on. But you knew that already didn't you.

January 1, 2007

The classic Delicate Arch shot at sunset.

This is from the road in Arches.
It is zoomed in about 12x
Can you spot Delicate Arch?

An even more zoomed up image of Delicate Arch
from the same angle as the picture above.
This is zoomed in about 36x

The sand bowl below Delicate Arch.


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