Desolation Lake

Big Cottonwood Canyon
Wasatch Mountains - Salt Lake City, Utah

From Beartrap Fork

With views of

American Fork Twins
Broads Fork Twins
Sunrise Peak
Monte Cristo
Domedary Peak
Mount Baldy
The Sugarloaf
Mitt Peak
Mount Wolverine
Clayton Peak
Sunset Peak
Reed and Benson
Honeycomb Cliffs
Pioneer Peak
Gobblers Knob
Mount Raymond

Butterflies, Fungus, Mushrooms

Beartrap Fork is about 11 miles up Big Cottonwood Canyon. It has two entrances, the second one has a sign that says "Beartrap", they are about the same distance either way. Just follow the trail and take the first turn north. It gets very steep near the end. It's about 4 miles round trip.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Spring Azure Butterfly (I think)

Damselfly nymph

Some strange fungus. Probably a Bolete.
It looks like something of the alien brain variety. It was squishy.

From along a ridge south of Desolation Lake, near the Wasatch Crest
looking west toward Reynold's Peak and Gobbler's Knob.

Looking east over Desolation Lake

Desolation Lake

Desolation Lake

One of the better bike trails in the state, The Wasatch Crest.
Mount Raymond, Reynolds Peak 9,423', and Gobbler's Knob sit in the distance.

Dromedary, Sunrise and Mitt Peak along the Cottonwood RIdge

Looking south-west over Kessler Peak to
Broad's Fork Twin Peaks A.K.A. Salt Lake Twin Peaks

From the north side of Desolation Lake looking south over the lake to the Wasatch Crest.
Behind you can see Kessler Peak and Cottonwood Ridge with Twin Peaks at its west end.

From along Wasatch Crest bike trail above Desolation Lake.

Looking Down Big Cottonwood Canyon towards the Salt Lake Valley
from near the head of the Wasatch Crest.

Mount Baldy, American Fork Twin Peaks (The tallest point in Salt Lake County)
and Red Top Peak.

Mount Superior and Monte Cristo, down below them is the Reed and Benson Ridge.

Looking over Desolation Lake towards Reynolds Peak 9,423'.

Looking Northwest toward Little Water Peak

Mount Raymond, Gobblers Knob, with Reynolds Peak below and between them
Desolation Lake below.

From the north side of Desolation Lake looking south over the lake to the Wasatch Crest.
Behind you can see Kessler Peak and Cottonwood Ridge with Twin Peaks at its end.

Flagstaff Peak, Mount Superior, Monte Cristo (foreground Reed and Benson Ridge)
Dromedary Peak, Sunrise Peak
Broads Fork Twin Peaks at the head of Cottonwood Ridge
Kessler Peak (In front and below Twin Peaks)

Looking west down the Olympus Ridge over Desolation Lake
toward Mount Raymond, Gobblers Knob and Reynolds Peak (middle)

Looking south at the Eastern Head of the Cottonwood Ridge
Pioneer Peak , Sunset Peak, Mount Milicent, Tuscarora, Mount Wolverine,
Devils Castle (Alpine Ridge) Sugar Loaf (Alpine Ridge)

Looking over Alpine Ridge toward Albion Basin's Devil's Castle
Notice the little Cabin Tram below?

Looking west over a crest ridge toward Mount Raymond.
The Oquirrh Mountains are visible in the far background.

Behind is American Fork Twin Peaks (Far Left), Flagstaff Peak, Mount Superior and Monte Cristo

Rolling Hills among the mountains.
Looking straight toward Flagstaff Peak.
Behind is American Fork Twin Peaks (Far Left), Mount Superior (Middle Right)
and the Twin Peaks Massif (Far Right)

Ascocarp Fungus. Another strange alien brain fungus growing on a log.

The Honeycomb Cliffs (Cottonwood Ridge)

Pictures from a hike to Desolation Lake in 2002

Special Thanks to Chad, Jenni, Chrissy and Trista


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