Dogwood Crag


Dogwood is covered with fossilized sea floor, carboniferous rock and wind-eroded quartzite. It is also one of the more popular climbing crags for the novice. The most common climbers are young males teaching young females how to climb, among other things.

The forest service charges $2.00 to enter the area, I think it's to help pay for the irrelevant fences and camouflage metal nets that cover the ground.

May 12, 2000


The inner arete of the slab is "Cross-Eyed and Painless",
One of the more difficult climbs in the wasatch ( 5.13a )

Looking north east

Lorin on some polished sea floor.

On top of Dogwood looking north at a huge amalgamation of shale and quartzite.

Sea floor ripples

A rare day of secluded climbing

Everything was going great until this giant boulder fell on Lorin

Strange sea floor sediment

Looking southeast at Penitentiary Wall and Storm Mountain


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