East Long Peak

Uinta Mountains

6 miles round trip.

The trail starts at the Crystal Lake Trailhead, the same trail you take to get to Clyde Lake and Mount Watson. Just Follow the main trail until you get to the lake. Go around the lake and work your way up along the east ridge.

I checked weather.com for a weather report for Kamas, it said thunderstorms every hour, all day. But we still went anyway. The whole way up it was completely overcast. When we started we could hear lightning in the distance, but there was no rain clouds over us. As soon as we got to the summit, the clouds opened up and the light poured in over the valley. I know one of these times I'm going to get zapped by lightning, but for me, it's almost worth the gamble.

You will need to use your hands for most of the route up the peak. The rocks are loose, I twisted my ankle near the top, as a rock rolled from under it. I just gritted my teeth and walked it off. By the time I got back to my truck, it was a non-issue, as I did a little dance.

Sunday, August 10, 2003

From the summit of East Long Peak looking east over the shadow of East Long Peak.
Long Lake is in the corner.
The base of Mount Watson is visible on the left, with Reids Peak and Bald Mountain behind.

From Long Lake looking west toward our destination, East Long Peak.

Looking south over Long Lake.

Warped Strata along the trail around long lake.
There were a few tiny waterfalls nearby as well.

Looking southwest toward Mount Nebo, the highest peak in the Wasatch.

Looking west over Island Peak toward Cottonwood Ridge.
Mount Superior/Monte Cristo, Sunrise, Dromedary, Twin Peaks.
Storm Mountain is visible as the tiny peak on the far right.

Looking south from East Long Peak.
Island Lake is in the center, Island Peak is on the right.
Mount Timpanogos is the blown out peak in the distance (middle of image).

Island Lake

Mountain Pug

A telephoto of Mount Timpanogos

Looking north from the summit of Long Peak.
In the far distance is Moffit Peak 11,003'.

Jared and Gloria on the summit of Long Peak.
Looking west toward Mount Watson, Bald Mountain, and the rest of the Uinta Mountains.

Mount Watson, an excellent hike with incredible views.
Notch Mountain is to the left, Reids Peak is to the right.

From the summit looking east over Long Lake.

Looking west toward the Wasatch Mountains.
Box Elder Peak, and Alpine Ridge.
You can see the American Fork Twin Peaks on the right.
Their unnamed triplet peak is to the left of them.

Straining your eyes, you can see most of the Wasatch from here.
Cottonwood Ridge, Kessler Peak, Mount Raymond and Gobblers Knob.

Reids Peak, and Bald Mountain.
Explorer Peak and Squaw Peak are to the right.

Looking west toward Explorer Peak and Squaw Peak.

Thanks to Gloria, Jared and Pug


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