Emigration Ridge
Perkins Peak 7,520'
Dale Peak

We started at the head of Emigration Canyon at the Little Mountain Summit, This SUV road takes you to Dale Peak, after Dale Peak the trail follows the ridge with gradual hills with excellent views the entire way, a very pleasant hike - don't stop after the first peak - that's when it starts getting good.

Sunday, May 20, 2001

Looking east at Denyse and Jared going back down Emigration Ridge.

Looking east about 3/4 mile from the trailhead.

Dale Peak along the Emigration Ridge.

Mount Aire Canyon with Mount Aire at it's head.
Behind is Gobbler's Knob and Mount Raymond.

Wildflowers everywhere, Grandeur Peak.

Grandeur Peak and Millcreek Ridge.
Behind is Olympus, Wildcat Ridge, Raymond and Gobblers.

From Emigration Ridge looking south at Mount Air and Millcreek Ridge,
with Gobbler's Knob and Mount Raymond in the background.

Gobbler's Knob and Mount Raymond behind Millcreek Ridge.

Emigration Canyon, with Grandview Peak and Lookout Peak

Grandview Peak

Lookout Peak

Upper and Lower Mountain Dell Reservoirs

Upper Mountain Dell Reservoir

Lone Peak behind Grandeur, behind Olympus you can see Lone Peak

Perkins Peak -7,520'

Perkins Peak and Pencil Point - 6,130'

Pencil Point and Carrigan Canyon


Parleys Canyon

Jared and Denyse on the top.

Special Thanks to Jared and Denyse


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