Bryce Canyon National Park
Fairyland Trail

Viewed from above, Bryce Canyon looks like a Mandelbrot fractal.
Viewed from the side, it looks like something out of Alice in Wonderland.

Saturday July 14, 2000

Hoodoos in Fairyland

The Fairyland hike takes you around Boat Mesa

Boat Mesa

Fractals seen in 3-D and from the side

On the north side of Boat Mesa looking north

On the south side of Boat Mesa looking north

Near the initial dropdown section of the trail

Nearing Sunrise Point looking north

Looking east near Sunrise Point

Hoodoos at the start of the Fairyland trail

A small tribe of hoodoos

An ancient fin

Aquarius Plateau waiting in the distance

Aquarius Plateau and the Sinking Ship

Tower Bridge along rhe Fairyland trail


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