Ferguson Canyon Ridge
The Hound's Tooth
Storm Mountain
Mount Raymond

We hiked up the ridge on the north side of Ferguson Canyon. You come from the same trail that you would use to get to Ferguson Canyon, but as soon as possible you cut north and up the ridge.
There is a trail all the way up the ridge. Along this trail you will see views of The Hound's Tooth, Mount Raymond, Mount Olympus, Storm Mountain and if you go far enough, Twin Peaks.
On the way down be sure to follow the ridge spine all the way down, and also make sure you cut back south across the stream and up the hill (the same way you came)
Definitely wear long sleeve shirts and jeans, there is quite a bit of good old fashioned bushwhacking.

April 16, 2001

Ferguson Canyon, a classic rock climbing area

Quite a few paragliders

Mount Raymond from the south east

Olympus, Wildcat Ridge, Thaynes Peak and Mount Raymond

The Hound's Tooth

The Hound's Tooth

See a rotational animation of The Hound's Tooth from this hike

Some crazy gnarled wood

Damon and Jared with The Hound's Tooth in the background.

Jared in front of Mount Olympus

Jared looking into the overcast sea

Looking South into the polluted abyss

Looking up toward Twin Peaks, the east peak is barely visible.
It is the white section furthest away.

Storm Mountain Peak - 9,525'

Sunset over the Oquirrh Mountains

Special Thanks to Jared and Damon


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