Fisher Towers
Moab, Utah

Southern Utah
Ancient Arts Rock Climb
The Stolen Chimney Rock Climb

From Moab, drive up the Colorado River Highway 128 (northeast) to mile marker 21. Immediately after, drive south (turn right) down the dirt road.
There is a sign that says Fisher Towers. The Titan is visible from the highway. Camping is $10. The hike is 4.4 miles round trip.
The best time for pictures would be sunset. Remember the trail when you come up out of the drainage, when you come back, be sure to hike down this and not the trail to the right.

Monday, October 8, 2001

Looking northwest from near the end of the trail.
The Titan, the tallest tower at 900 ft, has climbing routes to the summit.

The summit of "Ancient Arts" a 5 pitch, 5.11a / A0 climb
We saw 5 people climb this today, a party of 3 and a party of 2.
This was the last climber we saw.
Some climbers stood atop its summit with courage, others with understandable fear.
I wonder what I would do.

On the way up, I thought the little protuberance on the 2nd fin was a climber.
On the fourth fin (Ancient Arts) a climber balances confidently on the summit
of one of the most precarious climbs I've ever seen, including Mexican Hat.

Time is hungrily waiting for the past due fall of this ancient cluster of sand.

It looks like a stiff wind should send this section, on a 600 foot freefall into fine powder.

The climbers are mostly secured to the protuberance.

Looking straight up.
Seeing the climbers stand atop the summit spire from here, gave me the chills.

I think it looks like a cat with a giant chin.

A climber carefully balancing on the summit spire.
I could see him seeing me, I bet it made him dizzy.

A closer view, at the bottom of the protuberance, there is a diving board
or lateral appendage, that the climbers must mantle,
it looks like that's going to be the first part to go.

A cross between Goblin Valley and Bryce Canyon

A standard Dr. Seuss Mushroom
known as "The Cobra" a 5.10+ rock climb.
The third climber of team 1 negotiates the divingboard mantle.

Freud would like to know what you think this hoodoo looks like.
From here you have a good view of most of the route up Ancient Arts.

Ancient Arts Tower (background), Cottontail Tower, Echo Tower and The Titan

Looking north at Highway 128 and the Colorado River
from near the end of the hike.
You can see the Ancient Arts summit and climbing crew.

The Cottontail Towers and the Echo Tower

The King Fisher
The hardened sandstone cap maintains the integrity of everything below it.

There is a hiker on the trail at the base of this monolith (Cottontail Tower),
but he only takes up about 3 pixels.

An exposed, but very safe section of the trail.

Looking west from near the end of the trail.

Special Thanks to: Jared, and Quinton
Thanks to Brandon Wicks and Bob Palais for climbing info
(Bob and Jimmie Dunn were among the first party to have "freed" Ancient Arts)


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