Fisher Towers

The Fisher Towers are named after a miner who lived near them in the 1880s.
The towers are located north of Moab up the Colorado about 20 miles.
The area is very easy to get lost in and there are no Park Rangers around to come find you. Most people who get lost are just overconfident, so be humble, or the old wise tower Gods will let you have it.
The hike lasts anywhere from 1 mile to 2.2 miles if you want to go to the end, we just went to Echo Tower and watched the sunset.

Bring a positive mind and a creative eye and you will be in Heaven.

December 31, 2006

Echo Tower, on the other side of this tower is a cool part of the trail.
You walk directly underneath it,
from there you can hoot and holler and it will echo loudly.

The trail toward the King Fisher, and Ancient Arts
Lots of people get lost right around here.

Ancient Arts and the King Fisher

Looks like ancient Egyptian sculptures

Echo Tower and The Titan

Ancient Arts, King Fisher and Echo Tower

Looking up the sandstone walls of Echo Tower.
Looks like the base of a gargantuan tree.

Echo Tower

looking toward Castle Rock, and the Priest and the Nuns.

Revelation above the Mushroom below.

Mushroom Man looking over at the dirt people.
It looks like I might have modified this image, but I didn't.

The Titan, the tallest of the Fisher Towers at nearly 900 feet.

Looking north toward the Dome Plateau and the Colorado River.
On the other side of the Dome is Delicate Arch.

Ancient Arts, thrill seeking rock climbers cover this thing in the summer.
It's good to stand on top of the precarious hoodoo and test your underwear.

The Titan

Ancient Arts and the King Fisher

King Fisher's crown. The crown is harder sandstone from the Moenkopi Formation.
This cap greatly slows down the errosion of the sandstone below it.

The Cobra in the middle of the goblin mushroom people.
Rock climbers climb the Cobra.
All of these hoodoos were formed by small caps falling from high above.
The caps compacted the ground underneath it just a bit,
then a good thousand years later the rest of the ground has erroded
except for the column of sandstone directly underneath.

Mushroom head goblin looking toward Castle Rock and the sunset.
He isn't too excited, he's seen it every night for the past thousand years.

Just as we were leaving, the Moon poked his head out to see what we were doing.

Thanks to Heid, Marina, Zane and Vincent.


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