Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Lake Powell
Hite Marina
Jacobs Chair
Steel Bridge

Lake Powell has slowly been drying up over the past few years, and many parts of the Lake are now solid land. The area offers outstanding canyon views and many geologically interesting areas. Along the road you'll see forming arches, caves, swiss cheese sanstone, and cool stratification, definately worth the trip if you're in the area.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Little Egypt

Primative Cave Areas

Lot's of Flintstone style architecture in Glen Canyon.

Trachyte Point near the northern end of Lake Powell

Lake Powell's northern end,
most of the flat brown swap lands below are normally under water.

Hite Marina and Boat Launch.

A close up of the Steel Bridge, with Fiddler Butte 6,027 in the background.

From the northern end of Lake Powell Looking toward Hite Marina.
The Lake is almost completely dry here.

Steel Bridge before the Hite Crossing Bridge.

Jacobs Chair


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