Goblin Towers - Molly's Castle

Near Goblin Valley
Highway 24

Few people ever come to Molly's Castle, because Goblin Valley is just a couple miles further and you have to hike for about an hour to get to Molly's Castle.

Monday, October 22, 2001

From Highway 24 you can clearly see this massive structure.

This area looked almost untouched
in spite of being so close to Goblin Valley State Park.

Some of these walls looked about 400 feet high.
How many faces can you see peering out of the rock?

A giant Goblin Valley.
Looking north.

Looking east.

Looking south.

From inside the crescent section of Goblin Towers.
The structure in the foreground is not a skeleton,
it is the material inverse of a heavily cracked rock.
Hard sediment filled the cracks
and then wind and water removed the rock.

Another inverted crack, some of this stuff was paper thin.
I think it is a good thing nobody comes here,
these paper rocks would quickly be destroyed.
In the far background, sits a precariously balanced cube of stone.

A blurry telephoto of the balanced cube.

Under the section that supports the balanced cube.
Looking north towards the Nose Factory,
where God tools around with new nose shapes.

Looking south across the deserted flat lands,
I guess this becomes a swamp in spring.

Looking west toward Denyse conquering Butt Hill
Behind is Goblin Temple and The Pointer.

Looking north toward The Pointer and Goblin Temple.

The Henry Mountains in the far south.

Looking south toward the Henry Mountains.
The pointy peak is Mount Ellen

Special thanks to Denyse


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