Goblin Valley
Wild Horse Butte
Temple Mountain

The children's cartoon, "The Smurfs" was filmed here.

They changed the name from "Mushroom Valley" to "Goblin Valley" when it became apparent that people came there to eat mushrooms.
(no one eats goblins)

It was unbearably hot, I was tired the rest of the day.

Monday, September 3, 2001

Coming into Goblin Valley the first thing you see is
Wild Horse Butte.

Looking south toward Wild Horse Butte

Three Sisters, which one do you like?

The western reaches of Goblin Valley

Looking east toward the Goblin Courthouse.

Goblins and Elves gathered to witness the trial.

Masses of Goblins huddled in fear of the Judge.

Goblin Village Square, where goblins gather to sell their goods.

Throne to the Goblin King.
If you want something done, you talk to him.

The Goblin King blessing the hoodoo village.

Goblin Valley Chess People spreading rumors
of a war with the Bryce Canyon Chess People.
While the Goblin King quietly prays in the background.

Giant hoodoo spires of sandstone

Lookouts for the King carefully scanning the horizon for enemies.

Looking south from atop the white eastern mesa,
as crowds of Goblins huddle along.

Looking southwest from the white tip mound seen in the picture above.

Looking southeast across an army of gnomes stampeding down the hills.

Sid and Marty Kroft are at it again with "Hat Head and Friends"

This Goblin looks too much like a mushroom

Mushroom Village.
In the middle, you can see the pompous mushroom policeman berating a passerby.
The others pay no attention.

Looking northwest toward Wild Horse Mesa

Sand Mushrooms growing out of the Alkali.

Looking north toward the San Rafael Reef in the distance.

Siamese Goblins preparing for the great festival.

Atop the white mesa looking east at the end of Goblin Valley.

Looking north on the east end of Goblin Valley.
Brandon and Jared are barely visible on the white mesa.

Looking north

Looking west from within the white sand area.

In some of the more stringent religions,
it is a sin for women to even visit the Phallic Temple of Manhood.

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Special Thanks to Brandon and Jared


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