Goblin Valley State Park

It's hard to not let your imagination and creative mind run wild as you walk through the Dr. Seuss cartoon maze known as Goblin Valley. It was biting cold in the early winter morning, but it was still well worth it. There was no one else there, making it more detached and enchanting.

Goblin Valley is found just north of Hanksville, home of the legendary Butch Cassidy, on one of the most beautiful highways in America, Highway 24. The exit to Highway 24 can be found by going east from Green River about 10 miles on Interstate 70. Drive south on Highway 24 for about 25 miles until you see the sign on the right, from there you drive for about 5 to the west, then turn south and drive another 5 miles. Goblin Valley is immediately out of the parking lot, and doesn't require any hiking to view.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Tanks and clay war machines preparing to move on the Bryce Chessmen,
while the old white Goblin King calms the crowds quietly in the background.

This isn't really a goblin or a mushroom, it is a lost Moai from Easter Island.
He tries to look toward the sea, but with no luck... oh, nice mustache.

The Goblin King meditating to pacify the easily agitated Goblin Guards.

The ancient Goblin King, rocking back and forth in deep prayer.

The Goblin Valley mud-brain,
which imagines the creative forms that populate Goblin Valley.

Rows of spectator goblins giggle from above.
While townsfolk scurry about the court yard.

Gnarled mushroom stalks emerging from the clay.

Goblin city daily grind.

A pirate-hat mushroom proudly stops to pose for a picture, while others look on curiously.

Two mushroom women gossip about their hatless friend.

Most goblins know the phrase,
'There's no time to waste, contemplating one's own existence',
This goblin however, seems to have forgotten.

Chauncy McShrume pompously showing off his new helmet, others can't help but to stare.

A group of goblin citizens gather around the scene of an accident.
Apparently, one of them has lost their cap to the winds of time.

White sandstone patches around the northern end.
The goblins consider this sand sacred and never walk on it.

The orange and purple patches in the white sandstone is cryptobiotic soil,
It's alive, so avoid stepping on it.
When goblins try walking across it, their fears build until they collapse into a pile of rocks.

Looking south over the cold December desert toward the Henry Mountains.
A day of hope for the Goblin Priest as the winter solstice ends.

A group of the town's ugliest goblins contorting their faces in the distant winter sun.
They are preparing for an intimidation campaign against the Knights of Bryce Canyon.

Goblin city citizens gathering in the courtyard early in the morning,
clamoring for position in the market place.
The Goblin King can be seen as the point on the right of the white mesa.

Goblin City Recreation Park,
where goblins and mushroom-people come to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The Thumb, a symbol of man's advantage over the ape.
Goblins have thumbs too, and they want you to know it.

Another early morning accident where friends of the injured wait for help to arrive.
Meanwhile, an impolite goblin sticks his nose in on the far right.
The mushroom folk are tired and just ignore him.

A elder goblin wearing the customary Uber-Smurf Hat.
A candid shot of Old Man McGribbles caught nodding off in the warm morning sun,.
The night before was extra c-c-c-cold.

A mother goblin watches as her son learns to grovel.
When he gets older, he will need that skill to appease the courts.

Looking northwest toward Temple Mountain 6,773.

Molly's Castle, a kind of Goblin Valley mixed with Bryce Canyon.

Looking west toward Wildhorse Mesa and Goblin Valley as viewed from Highway 24.
The Goblin King is on the other side of the white mesa.
Goblin hoodoos can be seen all along the embankment.

Montecello, Utah (This has nothing to do with Goblin Valley)


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