of the San Juan River

Located between Valley of the Gods and Mexican Hat.
Off of the southern end of Highway 261, take Highway 316.
About 3.5 miles later you'll be looking at
one of the worlds finest examples of entrenched meanders.
The San Juan river is over 1000 feet below.
With switchbacks so convoluted,
the river winds 5 miles while moving only 1 mile towards it's destination.

September 22-23, 2000

Goosenecks of the San Juan

Gigantic sine wave

The muddy San Juan river flowing 5 times further than it needs to.

Looking south, in the far distance on the left, is Alhambra Rock.

North of the Goosenecks is Cedar Mesa.

Looking Southwest you can see Monument Valley in the far distance.

Early morning

Cedar Mesa


Scavenger Squirrel on the bottom right.

Squirrels looking for Cheetos that blew out of the garbage over night.


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