Grandeur Peak

The hike begins at Church Fork in
Millcreek Canyon (down 3800 s)
Park at the very end of the paved road. The hike is a 2.75 mile jaunt,
rising 2,620 feet, reaching an elevation of 8,300 feet on the summit.
The sun is on you for about half of the hike so bring plenty of water.

Sunday, September 10, 2000

From atop Grandeur Peak looking southeast at
Gobblers Knob and Mount Raymond.

Gobblers Knob, Mount Raymond, and Thaynes Peak.

Gobblers Knob

Mount Raymond

Looking west down I-80 toward The Great Salt Lake.

Looking north past Emigration Ridge to Grandview Peak
(highest point in the middle) and Lookout Peak on the right.

Looking east toward
Church Fork Peak 8,304. (the nearest peak)
The high peak is Mount Aire .
Behind is Murdock 9602' and Millvue Peak 8926'
Notice the limestone hogback that winds up the side,
This formation continues in both directions.

Looking northwest toward Ensign Peak and The Great Salt Lake.

Looking north at Lookout Peak,
the hike starts along the lower ridge in the upper-middle right.

Looking north at Grandview Peak.

Looking north toward Mountain Dell upper and lower reservoirs.

Looking south at Thaynes Peak and Wildcat Ridge in the background,
and Neffs Ridge on the middle right.

Lone Peak in the distance.

Looking past Thaynes Peak at
American Fork Twin Peaks in the far distance.

A close up of the north face of Mount Olympus.
Kamp's Ridge and The Great Chimney are on the far left,
The West Slabs are on the right.

Mount Olympus - A massive deck of quartzite cards.
Broken and folded almost 90° from where is was formed.

Mount Olympus and The Oquirrh Mountains.

Mount Olympus and Neffs Ridge.

Wildcat Ridge a continuation of the same quartizite sediments that Olympus is made of.

Wildcat Ridge and Mount Olympus, this hike is one of the most difficult in the Wasatch.
Start at Mount Olympus then just before the summit continue east,
you can end by going down Neffs Canyon, or continue to Mill B

Rick on top of Grandeur Peak.

Rick and Jared

Sunset - Grandeur Peak

Special Thanks to Jared, Rick, and Denyse


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