Grandeur Peak Summit

Wasatch Mountains - Millcreek Canyon Salt Lake City, Utah

Grandeur Peak Summit: 8,300'

Elevation change: Church Fork 2619', West Route 3100'
Distance one way: Church Fork 2.75 miles, West Route 1.75 miles

We started up Church Fork in Millcreek Canyon at 2:15. We arrived at the summit at 4:20. We started down the west route around 5:00, and reached the west parking lot at around 6:30. The book said it would take longer.

The trail up the Church Fork side was covered with slushy snow, as a matter of fact it was the only thing that was covered with snow. Everything else was pretty much melted. The snow stays on the trail because it is compacted by hikers and is much harder to melt.

From the top, the cold dry air made it possible to see for many miles further than in the summer.

We went down the West Route which is one of the steepest trails in the Wasatch. Take it easy going down, don't blow your knees out running down the snow like I did.

Monday, Jan. 13, 2002

From the summit of Grandeur Peak looking south towards Mount Olympus,
the Salt Lake Valley and Flat Top Mountain in the Oquirrhs.

Gloria and Junior coming down the West Route.

From the trail up Church Fork. Gobblers Knob sits in the background.
In the left hand corner, you can see the ice trail.

Looking south east to Gobblers Knob 10,246'.

Looking southeast to Mount Raymond 10,241'

From the summit looking north to Grandview Peak 9,410'.

Looking northeast to the two Mountain Dell Reservoirs

Looking far north to Willard Peak 9,764' Ben Lomond 9,712 and Chilly Peak 8,600',
well over 50 miles away.

Looking north to Francis Peak 9,547.
The Francis Peak Radar Station is clearly visible.

Looking south to Lone Peak 11,253'.

Looking north over the patterned hills of the northern Wasatch.
Grandview Peak is visible on the left, Lookout Peak is in the middle.
Dale Peak (Part of Emigration Ridge) is visible in the foreground left.

Lewis Peak 9,304'

Looking east to Mount Aire

Looking northwest over Perkins Peak on Emigration Ridge
toward the Salt Lake Valley and the Great Salt Lake.
Ensign Peak is visible on the far left end of the mountains.
Dude Peak is visible on the far right.

Downtown Salt Lake City.
Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake sits in the background.
Ensign Peak is on the right.

Ensign Peak (left)
Mormon Pioneers hiked up to this peak and errected a flag.

Looking south to Wildcat Ridge.
All of these structures are visible from the Neffs Canyon Meadow.

I think this is Heber Mountain 10,207' and Bald Knoll 10,091' about 40 miles east.
You could never get this picture in the summer, it's too hazey.
I didn't use a tripod (I actually never do).

Coming down the West Route, you can see the mine near the mouth of Parleys Canyon.

Lewiston Peak 10,422' and Flat Top Mountain 10,620' at the south end of the Oquirrh Mountains.

Looking west over the Oquirrh Mountains to Deseret Peak 11,031' in the Stansbury Mountains.

Lowe Peak 10,589' in the Oquirrh mountains.

Clipper Peak 9,207' above the Kennecott Copper Mine, the world's largest open pit mine.

The Salt Lake Valley

Can you believe I took this with a digital camera without a tripod?

Emigration Ridge just north of Grandeur:
Emigration Ridge

Neffs Ridge just south of Grandeur:
Neffs Ridge

Thanks to Gloria and Junior
Special Thanks to Micah for the ride.


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