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This was the first place I went when I started this site about 8 years ago... It felt weird returning here, I felt a bit older and wiser. I remember this rock structure always interested me, seeing it from Highway 2-15 every day on my way to work.

There are between 5 and 7 sub ridges on the west face of Grandeur Peak, all of them have trails up to the peak. This is a STEEP hike no matter where you start. The easiest trail from the west side of Grandeur is the clear trail up one of the first ridges from the north. It would be the first one you see if you are coming up the entrance trail.

September 26 and 27, 2007

From 2-15 looking up at Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus from Highway 2-15
The West Slabs are clearly visible on the right.

The West Slabs on Mount Olympus.
This is a 5.5 climb requiring at least 11 pitches.
It's easy enough to do without ropes, but you didn't hear that from me.

Looking east up to the limestone Hogback on Grandeur Peak

Looking south to Mighty Mount Olympus AKA The Pain Dome

And there it goes, the end of the day.

Looking northwest over Salt Lake City toward Antelope Island.

Glowing embers of quartzite.

Looking west over the Kennecott Copper Smelter as the light burns out.

I almost stepped on this Rattlesnake.
He was the warning snake to wake me up and respect the area.

Looking west up to the limestone wall known as the Grandeur Hogback.
I think a better name would be the Great Wall of Milcreek.

Getting Closer to the Hogback.

From under the limestone Hogback Wall, looking west over Salt Lake City.

Looking north toward Emigration Ridge.
The ridge in the middle is the ridge commonly hiked
to reach the summit of Grandeur Peak from the west.

Looking south toward Wildcat Ridge and Mount Olympus.

The warning snake must not have been loud enough,
I stepped right on this one's head. It gave me the hee-bee-gee-bees.

The east end of Wildcat Ridge, this is also the head of Neff's Canyon

Looking northwest toward the Capitol Building,
with the polluting factories right behind it. How symbolic.

Looking north towards The University of Utah

Looking southeast

Sugary sweet cereal trees

Looking southeast down to Millcreek Canyon, behind is Neff's Ridge and Wildcat Ridge.

Looking southeast toward Thaynes Peak.
In the background sits Gobbler's Knob.

A close up of Thaynes Peak. Lot's of autumn colors coming out.

Looking down toward Highway 2-15 and Salt Lake City.

Light beams angling down to touch the valley for the last time of the day.

Looking north toward the Hogback.

Massive Mount Olympus warming it's flanks in the autumn sunset.

Magical light glistening off the hillside.

Airplane exhaust lines in the sky to capture the bloody rays of the dying Sun.

Demonic fires swirling in the sky, as the day exhales it's last breath.

Special Thanks to Ivan


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