Granite Lakes Route

Brighton Ski Resort
Big Cottonwood Canyon
Wasatch Mountains - Salt Lake City, Utah

Silver Lake
Twin Lakes
Lake Mary
Lake Martha
Lake Catherine
Twin Lakes Pass 9,993'
Mount Wolverine 10,795'
Mount Tuscarora
Catherine's Pass 10,220'

Views of Little Cottonwood Canyon, Albion Basin, Cecret Lake, Heber City, The Uinta Mountains

Hiking time : ~4 hours
Distance : ~4.5 miles Loop
Difficulty : Strenuous in places, Exposure

Elevation Gain : ~1500'
The Granite Lakes Route is a large loop that hits the most prominant alpine lakes in and around Brighton Ski Resort.
This could easily be the most scenic route under 5 miles in the Central Wasatch.

View of the Granite Lakes Route from Guardsmans Pass Peak
The highpoint in the center is Mount Wolverine, Tuscarora is to the left.
Twin Lakes is clearly visible on the right, below the low point on the ridge (Twin Lakes Pass). Lake Mary is visible but kind of hard to see, it's straight under Mount Tuscarora.

The trail starts at Silver Lake, in Brighton, and continues up to Twin Lakes, then up to the Twin Lakes Pass, and then up to the summits of Mount Wolverine and Mount Tuscarora, down to Catherine's Pass, and Lake Catherine, then down to Lake Martha, continue down to Lake Mary, one more mile and back to the parking lot.

The trailsystem above Twin Lakes Pass is very discombobulated, I found it easier to just hike cross-country.

Note: On your way down Tuscarora, it's easy to get off trail, take your time to make sure you are on the most established trail. Further below it's easy to miss the left turn to Catherine's Pass.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Alpine Scarlet Gilia Wildflowers

Twin Lakes Reservoir
The thunder was rumbling constantly.

Twin Lakes Reservoir, Mount Evergreen

Mount Wolverine with a developing thunderhead above it.

Looking southwest down Little Cottonwood Canyon and Cottonwood Ridge
toward a rainstorm in South Jordan area in the Salt Lake Valley.

A closer view of the rays of light breaking through the pouring rain.

Indian Paintbrush Wildflowers near Grizzly Gulch.
Looking southwest down Little Cottonwood Canyon.
Alpine Ridge is on the left and Cottonwood Ridge is on the right.

Lupine Wildflowers

Nearing the summit of Mount Wolverine looking north over Wolverine Cirque.

Looking southeast toward Provo Peak and Cascade Peak
Apparently, there is a fire near the base of Cascade Peak.

Looking east toward Sunset Peak 10,648'.
There is someone standing there.

Looking toward the northern end of the Wasatch

Indian Paintbrush Wildflowers

The Cottonwood Ridge.
Sunset Peak, Dromedary, One of the Twin Peaks.
3 Unnameds, Monte Cristo, Mount Superior.

Wood Borer Beetle crawling on some Lupine flower buds.

Looking east from the ridge below Mount Tuscarora
toward Pioneer Peak 10,440' and Sunset Peak, below is Lake Catherine.

Peak 10,420, Clayton Peak and Pioneer Peak

Clayton Peak (Mount Majestic)

Lake Catherine and Pioneer Peak

Lake Martha. It started raining, it was actually really nice.

Lake Mary filled to capacity.

Lava Lamp Goo in slow motion.
The clouds grumbled continuously in the background.

Insane cloud formations above Brighton Ski Resort

Thanks to Jason, Lorin and Trista


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