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The Great Salt Lake

A.K.A. Pioneer Poop Reservoir

My dog loved the Great Salt Lake, putting it right behind eating cat poop and chewing dirty socks. I guess it's the smell that she loves.

As the second largest body of water on the western hemisphere, and as the fullest toilet in America it really is a marvel.

With my working olfactory glands, it wasn't hard to believe that this was used as the main sewage depository for 80 years or so.

Unfortunately, the Great Salt Lake contains salt, one of the best preserving substances, so it looks like our grandchildren will get to enjoy the refreshing smell of pioneer fecies for years to come.

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May 30, 2000

Antelope Island

Antelope Island

Antelope Island view

Lake bed

It burns my eyes just thinking about what this place smelled like.

Salt Flats

Wasatch view

The distant view of Twin Peaks and Lone Peak.


Hoodleum hang-out

train car

An old train car

Old train car

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