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Grosvenor Arch

Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

Highway 12


Kodachrome Basin

Cottonwood Canyon Road Scenic Backway

Grosvenor Arch is located at the end of the giant Cockscomb at the northern end of Cads Crotch within The Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument..
Grosvenor Arch

Grosvenor Arch is one of the most unique arches in the US.

Kodachrome Basin State Park
To get to Grosvenor Arch:

Go to south down Highway 12 past Escalante to the town of Cannonville. There is a paved road that turns left or south.

Follow this road for about 10 miles to Kodachrome Basin State Park. There you will encounter a dirt road. This road is bumpy, but most cars should be able to drive it, if it gets wet though, you are in trouble (If you stop on it). There is a stream crossing that you have to drive through, you can choose between two places to cross, we went with the right, or south path.

About 10 miles past Kodachrome Basin, you will see a sign to Grosvenor Arch at which, you will turn left (east) down the dirt road.

Below Grosvenor Arch, there is a bathroom and some pic-nic facilities. There is also a wheelchair-accessable paved walkway all the way up to the base of the arch.

Climbing around can be seriously dangerous, do so at your own peril.

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Monday, July 7, 2008

Wide angle of Grosvenor Arch from the north.
Looking south down Cads Crotch at the end of the Cockscomb.

An old sheperds cabin near Cannonville.
I'll bet this gets cold in the winter.

The sandstone floor changes color, here it is a mixture of Navajo sandstone and uranium ore.

Sandstone mixed with uranium ore. The teal green layers are the uranium.

Along the dirt road there are a few outcrops of little sunflowers.

Drought resistant wildflowers.

Grosvenor Arch

Grosvenor Arch Classic View.

The capstone of this arch is made of riverbed deposits. Compressed cobblestone.
That means the top of this arch was once the bottom of an ancient canyon river.

This arch doesn't seem that precarious from the front,
but looking from below, it becomes clear that it is very delicate.

Amazing erosion patterns.

Around the left side of the arch, is this tricky little Indian free climb
to gain access to the center of the arch.
Don't attempt climbing up this without protection.

Around the back of Grosvenor Arch is this square window behind a spherical socket.

Dazzling colors on top of Grosvenor Arch Mesa.

The eastern leg of Grosvenor Arch

Looking through Grosvenors legs toward the beginning of the Cockscomb.

This arch won't last long.

From above Grosvenor Arch looking down on it's elven headdress.

Interesting mineral deposits

Looks like predigested candy.

A hoodoo overseeing the entrance to the Window of the Spherical Socket.

Grosvenor Arch Area

A wide view of the Grosvenor Arch Area.

One last look at ol' Grozzy.

G'night Grozz.

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