Guardsmans Pass
Big Cottonwood Canyon

Wasatch Mountains
Salt Lake City, Utah

Direction to get to Guardsmans Pass:

Drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon until you almost reach Brighton Ski Resort, turn left up the hill when you see the sign for Guardsmans Pass. You will encounter a sharp switchback turn which leads to a beautiful overlook, which offers views of the Brighton and Solitude areas. Peaks in Albion Basin can also be seen.

Continue up this road, it will curve to the left, and then it will switchback hard to the right. At this elbow in the road, you will find a dirt road that spurs down the hill to the north. just follow the paved road to the overlook. Look around you there you are.

Guardsmans Pass is not maintained during the Winter.
If you don't have tire chains, 4WD and confidence driving uphill on ice, you'd be better walking up this road or just waiting for better conditions.

November 2, 2007
November 17, 2007
Dec 16, 2007

From the actual Guardsmans Pass looking east toward the Uinta Mountains.
Kletting Peak, A-1 Peak, Hayden Peak are clearly visible.

More Uinta Mountains, East Long Peak, Bald Mountain, Agassiz Peak (behind Bald)
Explorer Peak (far right)

From near Guardsmans Pass looking west toward Mount Olympus
(Last peak to the left in the distance) and Wildcat Ridge.

The dragon-backed spine of Kessler Peak.
The sharp drop off on the furthest right sub-peak is the
launch pad for the forementioned avalanche.

Mount Raymond December

Mount Raymond November

Mount Raymond October.
Circle-All Peak is the sub-peak in the middle of the image, covered in green aspen.

Mount Tuscarora, Mount Millicent in Brighton Ski Resort

Snow flurries on Mount Tuscarora

Pioneer Peak and Sunset Peak above Brighton Ski Resort.
Below Sunset Peak is the very end of Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Mount Millicent and Mount Wolverine

From Guardsmans Pass looking south toward Mount Millicent, and Mount Wolverine.
Twin Lakes Reservoir sits below the granite cirque above.

From Guardsmans Pass looking west toward Mount Raymond and Gobblers Knob.
Below to the left is Solitude Ski Resort.
Can you see Circle-All Peak?

A similar angle as the one above taken in November.

A similar angle as the one above taken in October.

Gobblers Knob, the highest point along the Olympus Ridge.


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