Hayden Peak - Uintas

Uinta Mountains - Kamas, Utah

Hayden Peak: 12,479'
2.5 miles each way

I couldn't believe that this hike was only a half a mile further than Bald Mountain. I would say that it's about 5 times harder. There was no real trail, you just have to find your way up the spur ridge. Once you're on the spur ridge a path becomes visible near the top. I would have to say that this is the hardest, and most dangerous, 5 miles I've ever walked. If you don't have great route finding skills, stay clear of this peak. Also reading the rocks is a crucial part of this hike, step on the wrong ones and you're doomed. On the top of the peak, there was an incredible assortment of multi-colored flys. As soon as I tried to take pictures of them, they left us alone.

Sunday, July 27, 2003

It was weird to see a pika so early in the hike.
He said "AAAH" like a sheep, which means "Get the hell out of here!"

Looking west from the spur ridge.
In the middle is Bald Mountain and Reids Peak.
The lake on the right is Butterfly Lake. The Highland trail is soon after.
That's where we parked.
We came up on the right side of this spur ridge and went down on the left.
Mount Watson is behind and to the right of Reids Peak.

On the way up the spur ridge, it looks impossible to reach the top.
This little two-step climb gives access to the main Hayden-Agassiz ridge.
To make it easy, I went inside the little cave, then branched to the top.
If you aren't sure if you can do this, try a different hike, like Bald Mountain.

Above here, I would suggest going all the way to the top of the Hayden-Agassiz ridge,
then continue north (left). The reason being that if you traverse the boulder talus,
you could knock loose the supporting rocks and cause a slide over your squishy body.

From the top of the Hayden-Agassiz ridge looking north toward Hayden Peak.
You'll need some confidence in your route finding once you get near the jagged peak.

Fom along the Hayden-Agassiz ridge looking southeast.
McPheters Lake and Ryder Lake are visible below.
East Hayden, Ostler Peak, Spread Eagle Peak and Agassiz Peak.
On the other side is Naturalist Basin.

The sub peak before Hayden. We went on the left side of this peak.

Hayden Peak. Follow the easiest path around the right.
We went up before we should have, and had to climb up a little chimney.
There was an easier route that we found going back down.

From the summit of Hayden looking south toward Mount Agassiz 12,428'.

From the summit looking east over East Hayden.
Behind that is Lamotte Peak 12,720' and Ostler Peak 12,718'
Behind and in between them are:
Mount Beulah 12,557 and The Cathedral 12,224'.

Looking east between Ostler Peak and Spread Eagle Peak.
You can see Mount Lovenia 13,220', Wilson Peak 13,040', South Kings Peak 13,512'
Mount Emmons 13,440 and Explorer Peak 12,708'

First Ascent for Pugkind.
Just moments before, the mountain pug did a little Vaudville dance with a top hat and cane,
I couldn't get my camera out in time, but I was able to snap one off as she was saying "Ya-cha-cha-cha".
Or maybe the altitude was playing with my head.
Looking north toward Kletting Peak and A-1 Peak.

From the summit looking west.
In the foreground is the sub peak southwest of Hayden.
Mirror Lake is the one in the center.
Murdock Peak, Bald Mountain and Reids Peak are in the middle.
Mount Watson is left of Reids Peak.
The furthest thing visible are the distant peaks of the Wasatch.
Mount Timpanogos
is visible far behind Reids Peak.

From the summit looking north toward Kletting Peak and A-1 Peak.
Kletting Peak is named after the Utah architect, Richard K.A. Kletting,
who designed Saltair (1893) and the State Capitol (1916).
Kletting died in 1943.

Looking east over Lamotte Peak towards Mount Beulah 12,557'
and part of The Cathedral 12,224'.

Looking southeast over Spread Eagle Peak,
Squaw Peak 12,855' and Cleveland Peak 12,584' to the southeast.

Looking southeast down the Hayden-Agassiz Ridge.

An ultra-zoom of Bald Mountain Peak.
You can see four people on top.

Indian Paintbrush along the ridge.
Looking west toward Bald Mountain.

Me and the Mountain Pug on the Hayden-Agassiz Ridge.
Behind (south) is Agassiz Peak.

...8, 9, 10, She's out!
Pug sputtered out of gas about 80% of the way down.
I wonder if she's the first pug on this peak.

We aimed for this meadow from the spur ridge, it was a welcome change on the feet.
Behind (northeast) is Hayden Peak.

The summit of Hayden Peak from the meadow.

Flowerfest near the parking lot. Looking north toward Kletting Peak.

Thanks to Gloria and Pug


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