Henry Mountains
Mount Ellen
The Horn

Mount Ellen 11,522'
Hanksville, Southern Utah

The last explored mountain range in the United States
Home to Butch Cassidy and the "Sundance Kid" - Americas Favorite Thieves

Saturday - Sunday, September 1 - 2, 2001

The Henry Mountain Range
Mount Pennell 11,371, The Horn, Ragged Mountain 9,113, Mount Ellen 11,522,
and Bull Mountain 9,187

Looking north toward the Mount Ellen group of peaks from near the Horn.

Mount Hillers 10,723' (in the distance) Mount Pennell 11,371'
The Horn is visible in front of Pennell,
it is host to dozens of pristine granite technical rock climbing routes.

Looking east toward Bull Mountain 9,187' from along the route to Mount Ellen

Looking west from near The Horn to the Waterpocket Fold and Capitol Reef.

Looking west from near Mount Ellen.
The white line is the Waterpocket Fold which is about 100 miles long.
Continental drift and plate tectonics have pushed the west side 7,000 feet higer than the east.

Looking west toward Tarantula Mesa, the Waterpocket Fold
and Capitol Reef National Park.

Tarantula Mesa, Wildcat Mesa, Capitol Reef and the immense Waterpocket Fold.

Near Bull Creek Pass these deer stopped to pose.

South of Hanksville, before the turnoff to get to Bull Mountain Road,
Is this large hoodoo on the east Side of the road.
I think it's called Bird Finger Buttress, but I could be wrong.

Little Striped Whiptail Skink found in Hanksville.

Desert Collared Lizard found climbing the wall at
Blondie's Eatery & Gift
3 N. Hwy 95, Hanksville , UT 84734

North of Hanksville is the San Rafael Reef to the west.

Pictures of the Henry Mountains from December

Special Thanks to Brandon and Jared


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